A Longtime Client Shares Why

Functional Aging

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  1. A Longtime Client Shares Why

    Carol’s Success Story

    Carol-S.-for-YPB-newsletter.PNGMany of you have already met the star of this story as she is the fitness cover model for my new book. Carol has been with my training studio for 14 years and I wanted to kick off 2016 with her amazing story in her very own words!

    A Body Composition Problem

    “I have always been a small person and never really had a weight problem until after the age of 35. My weight was not a weight problem then either, just a body composition problem. I was soft, mushy, and flabby after having my children and only weighed 122 pounds. I went to see a doctor about having some liposuction done on my midsection. He told me I didn’t need liposuction, that I needed a trainer to get me in shape. He said he ‘knew someone’ that might be able to help me and to come see him after six months. This ‘someone’ was Lisa Wright.”

    Skinny Fat

    “Lisa had started a gym in a garage and was helping people like me to learn how to eat and exercise properly. I was 122 pounds and 53% fat!!! Had really never worked out or exercised regularly in my life.

    I worked really hard and achieved some amazing goals in less than four months. Lost 40 pounds of fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle, weighing in at 102. I really looked and felt like a different person. Lisa, along with another trainer at the time, kept me on track through it all.

    I decided to stay after meeting my goal because not only was I afraid to do it on my own but because it became part of my every day routine. That all started in July 2002. I know I can do this on my own now but I don’t want to. I love going to the gym three times a week. It’s challenging, empowering and it is the one hour of the day that I concentrate on just me.”

    In My Fifties Now

    “I just turned 50 this year and I feel strong and healthy. My weight has creeped up a bit but I have maintained my muscle and believe I look better with a few more pounds on me now that I’m older. (Less face wrinkles, lol) I am comfortable with my weight and have more concern now about how I feel than the number on the scale.

    My family loves to travel together and I am very proud to be able to keep up with my active teenagers no matter what they are up to. I started running in 2002 and continue to do so when time allows, usually just three miles or so a couple times a week. Lisa got me to run a 10K with her when I turned 50. I had never run that far before at one time but was very proud to have finished strongly with her.”

    With Age Comes Issues

    “I go to the gym three times a week for an hour and have done so for 14 years. Lisa has worked with me through kidney stones, vertigo, allergies and asthma, surgeries and injuries. I usually give her a call, explain the problem and we figure out how we can modify things so I can keep working out. I know that when I leave the gym I’m going to feel better than when I arrived.”

    No Makeup Required

    “The gym is no longer in a garage, it’s a really nice studio now. It’s private so I don’t feel like I have to get fixed up to go to the gym but there is always someone there to talk and laugh with while we are working hard. I love that there is no judgement, just everyone supporting each other, working towards the same goal. By the way, I did go back to that doctor after six months but decided against any surgery.”

    Learn More About Carol’s Story HERE!

    Imagine this ….
    Where could you be with your health and fitness in 12 years if you started TODAY?

    Let Carol’s story help you to make short term decisions toward your long term health concerns.
    Call 361-549-4604 or email me, I would love to be a part of your fitness success – Guaranteed Results!

    Yours in Health and Fitness,
    ~ Lisa

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