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  1. A Diet about Healthy Eating


    Sharing the Good News about Healthy Eating

    Bruce Mylrea went through life enjoying meat, French fries and more components of what he now calls “the worst diet on the planet.”

    He says that contributed to his diagnosis of late-stage prostate cancer when was 52.

    That led him to radically change his diet to one he says prevents and even reverses chronic, long-term illnesses and leads to sustained weight loss – a whole food, plant-based diet.

    “The food promoted the cancer,” says Bruce now, nine years later. “It is also my most powerful tool for battling it.”

    Bruce and his wife, Mindy, promote this way of eating with their nonprofit “educational movement” at OneDayToWellness.org website. They recently spoke at the virtual Functional Aging Summit, put on by the Functional Aging Institute.

    The group’s cofounder, Cody Sipe, adopted the eating plan a couple of years ago and now swears by it, as well.

    Whole-food, plant-based eating relies heavily on beans, peas, lentils and seeds; whole grains; high-fat healthy foods like avocados, nuts and olives; and vegetables and fruit.

    A little animal-based food is allowed – but no processed food is.

    Bruce and Mindy say to watch out for “SOS” – added sugar, oils and salt.

    Instead of meat, they have found culinary delights with mushrooms, tempeh and soy. For instance, they’ll favor a black bean/quinoa burger over a traditional cheeseburger.

    “There’s no human requirement for dairy,” Bruce says. “You’re better off without it.”

    It might not be for everyone. But if you’re interested in learning more, the couple’s website is full of valuable insight and information. And, as it says, “What if a cancer diagnosis isn’t an ending? What if it opens the door to a new chapter that feels even better than the ones before it?”

    It did for Bruce.

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