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    At Your Personal Best, we not only help people over 50 years old to move better, feel better and age actively but we also have a number of clients who have experienced career changes because of us! Meet Jerry Simpson who along with a couple of sisters, his niece and mom who have all been clients of ours at one time or another since 2013.

    Jerry was tired of “Big Box Gyms” and decided that he needed something different. He needed something that would cater to his needs and better understand the aging body. Then he met Lisa Wright, the owner of YPB out and about in the cycling community of Corpus Christi.

    “I tried the big box gyms.  I found them to be very impersonal.  The workouts were lacking and it just wasn’t giving me the results that I wanted out of a gym.”

    Once Jerry gave us a try, he fell in love with how personalized and unique the workouts are and with the culture in our studio in general.  Instead of just being another body working out at a gym, he actually feels that he belongs to a community where the trainers care for you, the clients hold you accountable and miss you when you aren’t there, and everyone contributes to the friendly atmosphere.

    One of the biggest changes we made in Jerry’s fitness life is introducing shorter workouts to him.  People believe that you have to spend hours at the gym in order to get the results you want but with the over 50 population, we’ve proved that all wrong.

    “The 30 minute workouts are incredible.  I can’t say enough about how much work can get done in just 30 minutes.  Give it them a try for three weeks of three workouts a week before you make that decision not to do the best thing that you ever could do for yourself”

    As a result of Jerry’s fitness success, he has gone a step further to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Aging Specialist. He will be sharing his own experience working with an active and mature population who want to live their long life well!

    Ageless Fitness is coming to Portland, TX in July 2018, under Jerry’s entrepreneurship, and we are expecting big things of him in that community.  If you’d like more information or would like to join his fitness community in Portland, you may email him at jerry@agelessfitnessportland.com

    Watch more on how YPB has helped change Jerry’s life!​ ​​

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