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  1. Client Success Story

    I can’t wait to introduce you to our latest client success story and body transformation challenge winner, Dianne Wolfe.

    This 62 year old, 4th grade school teacher lost nearly 10 lbs. of fat, took over 3” off her waist and reduced her overall body composition by 2.7% in just 6 weeks! She even maintained this success through a trip to Disneyland with her two grown children and 5 year old grandson.

    Active Lifestyle

    Ballroom dancing, tennis and bicycling kept Dianne fit and healthy before life circumstances got in her way. At times, “fit and health” means we become the ones caring for aging and dying loved ones and the loss of Dianne’s mom and sister really took a toll on her own health and fitness for about five years.

    It was really all she could do to get to work, pay the bills and keep up with her yard. A lost sense of direction made her feel like she was “dog paddling” in place and took its toll on her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


    Watching her loved ones make poor secondary lifestyle choices was motivation for Dianne to do it differently. She did not want to end up like her Mom in a nursing home and a wheelchair.

    Wanting to be able to move and have life-long independence began to give her back the mind set she needed to get her rocket off the ground again. After a good read: Strong Women Live Longer; Dianne gained renewed inspiration and a mind-set for change!

    Dianne was not a stranger to working out in a gym or to having a personal trainer. Her interest became peaked watching a teacher friend’s body (who worked out at YPB) change and tone up.  This friend raved about our studio and the attention the trainers give to the clients in her small group sessions that lasted only 30 minutes.

    A forward mover by nature, Dianne doesn’t particularly feel affected by the signs of aging. Always reading, looking for new ideas, things to try … I called it a “carrot” and she agreed!

    So … when she finally became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and wanted a trainer who would give her the focus she needed to begin moving forward again. She read the book I wrote called, Your Personal Best; The Experts Guide on Aging and Fitness and decided to take me up on the 3 week offer on page 71 for only $97.

    Ritual, Key to Success

    I asked Dianne, what difference does having a regular exercise routine make in your life?

    She was quick to tell me that for her, “Ritual is the key to success in life.” No sugar, caffeine, dairy, grains or alcohol since June were just a few choices she made. She didn’t even take any of the cheat meals while she was on the challenge.

    Dianne was determined that it would be, “Easier to keep it off than take it off.” She began training with us 3 X per week in 30 minutes sessions and brisk walks at the track as many in-between days as she can.

    Why YPB?

    Dianne is such a fan of YPB that I got excited just listening to her talk. She believes what we do as Functional Aging Specialists can change the lives of Baby Boomers as we age because it opens the doors of possibilities to aging well.

    She went on to say, “At YPB she receives accountability, structure and guidance. We walk the walk! The small group training sessions are personable, affordable, fit an individual’s needs, knowledge level and always gently challenging the clients to do a little more.”

    Why the 6 week challenge?

    Even though Dianne knew a lot about diet and exercise the challenge encouraged the lifestyle factor for her. “Meals were great with real food and not packaged.”

    Other diets focus on weight loss letting her eat anything she wanted and just tracking the calories. The YPB Challenges emphasize fat loss; eating the right foods, in the right amount, in the right combinations at the right time of day!

    Lifestyle is Key!

    At 70, Dianne has plans to function like she’s 50 or even 40. She will travel to see the Aurora Borealis, maybe even ballroom dance, play tennis and cycle again.

    Watch out aging, Dianne’s got some news for you!

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