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  1. Concern for Muscle

    Personal Training

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, we are anything but boring. We have clients that have been with us 10+ years because we periodize their workouts year round as part of a total fitness regime than keeps them healthy and fit.

    ~We reach outside of our community for “cutting edge” knowledge to facilitate our clients’ dramatic results.
    ~We incorporate the four tiers of human movement through the use of traditional, functional, core and balance training.

    SEMI Group Training

    1 Arm Anterior Reach to Cone

    Semis are small groups of 3-5 people. These workouts are for persons not new to personal training and typically run for one hour. The coolest thing about our SEMI’s is they are exchangeable with each other with 24 hours notice and within the same month.

    Availability is limited, call 857-5087

    Group Training

    Group Personal Training is a new service offered at our studio and we are having so much fun! While primarily for beginners, all levels are welcome to come in and sweat off some of those extra calories! Download this brochure for more information and share it with others.

    Click here for an updated schedule.

    Brochure and schedule are under construction.

    Space is limited for 6 – 10 people so reservations are necessary! Email or call us at 361-857-5087. Or, $99 will buy you 6 guaranteed reserved sessions at a time.

    Corporate Wellness

    Why Would a Corporation Want It’s Employees to Exercise?      

    The following clinically proven benefits of regular exercise can have a direct positive impact on an employee’s performance at work:

    • Reduces physical and emotional stress
    • Improves intellectual capacity
    • Strengthens immune system over the long term
    • Improves quality of sleep and gives you more energy
    • Overall sense of well being

    Corporate Wellness Packages

    Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and include:

    • Body Composition & Fitness Analysis (initially and as needed)
    • Right Nutrition Suggestions and handouts.
    • GPT (Group Personal Training)
    • Cooldown and Q & A time as needed.

    Pricing is for 6 – 10 persons
    4 x monthly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100* each
    8 x monthly  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $175* each
    12 x monthly . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $250* each

    *Prices are per member, per month.  Payment is due and payable to Your Personal Best by the first of each month. There are no “roll overs” for missed sessions.

    Value-added services, i.e. yoga, etc.

    We’re working on updating this page with complete information just as fast as we can! Complete details on all our services coming soon.

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