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  1. Meet Marcia K.


    Age: 72 on March 31, 2021

    Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer; Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach,  Functional Aging Institute, Functional Aging Specialist

    How long have you lived in Corpus Christi?  Since 1983

    Are you married? Yes

    What is your favorite healthy meal? Pork tenderloin, brown rice pilaf, and a spinach salad.

    What is your favorite “free day” food? Ginger scones

    Favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle. I control my blood sugar, cholesterol, and arthritis inflammation.

    Why do you exercise? Feel better mentally, emotionally, physically; retain mobility, flexibility, autonomy; and I get a real kick of surprising folks when they find out how old I really am – like surprising even my physician.

    Toughest eating obstacle to overcome? Boredom

    Current exercise routine. 3 to 5 x per week

    What is your most embarrassing exercising moment? The time I was showing a client how to land properly on the Bosu: I landed at the wrong angle and the ball skidded out from under me. I landed on my butt.

     What do you think is the best benefit of exercising and eating right? I love feeling really good rather than okay.  I love that I am still working part-time, contributing, mitigating the effects of my metabolic syndrome, able to do what I want to do!

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