CLIENT’S Longevity with YPB all started with this ….

Functional Aging

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  1. CLIENT’S Longevity with YPB all started with this ….

    Jenny-photo.PNG… a body composition analysis! WHAT?

     Jenny has trained in my studio for over 15 years. Suggested to her by a friend and no stranger to exercise, Jenny made an appointment for a body composition and fitness analysis and has been here ever since.

    Who can relate to THIS without being pregnant?

    Jenny discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child and made the decision that she would be better off training with a fitness professional than relying on herself for motivation during her pregnancy. Making a monthly recurring commitment got her through the days that she really didn’t want to exercise. Post pregnancy she decided to stay to get the weight off. Jenny is one of my workout partners and is still with us today.

    Challenges of aging …

    Tendinitis in her left arm from computer work, right shoulder inflammation and low back pain from a high school injury DO NOT keep Jenny from exercising! With our help, we work around her limitations because she believes that if she lays off awhile she will lose her overall tone and conditioning.

    Why so long at YPB?

    Jenny has a 3 x weekly standing training schedule. She doesn’t have to think about what her workout’s going to be, just get up, come in; it’s already planned for her.“I might not like it, I might whine during it, love it when it’s over. I mean it’s true, I’m bad about making a Dr.’s appointment but if I have a standing I’ll show up!”

    Private VS. Group Personal Training

    The private sessions aren’t as motivating for Jenny as they used to be, often ending up wanting to just visit with her trainer. She and I solved that by working out together in a group with someone else training us. An ideal group size for Jenny is 4 people (up to 6) providing her with non-stop fitness, get in, get it done and over with. A kind of “misery loves company” attitude in our group!

    “Must Haves” in a Fitness Facility …

    • Jenny wants to like the people, a non “meat market” feel
    • Clean facility and similarly goal oriented clientele
    • Good music – can’t stand blaring music!
    • … and doesn’t want to be around steroid, pumped up, unhealthy fitness mentalities.

    Jenny’s success at YPB started with a body composition and fitness analysis and so can YOURS.

    Call or email me today, the consultation is FREE. At Your Personal Best Training Studio we believe success is measurable in many different ways.

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