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  1. A Client Success Story

    Mary Joe Cranny

    Fitness Professional, Juan Guerrero trains a successful client Mary Joe Cranny. Trainer and client together have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve her new Personal Best.

    Let her story, as told by her trainer, motivate you to overcome any obstacles that may be keeping you from being physically active and achieving YOUR Personal Best!

    Her Story…

    “Mary Joe has been training here for almost a year and has shown a dedication and great work ethic since day one. She came in with the goals of getting stronger legs and wanted improved core strength as well. Some of the obstacles that she has had to overcome include:

    • Cerebral Palsy since birth
    • Severe limitations on her left side of her body
    • Multiple surgeries on joints throughout her body
    • Finding someone to bring her to the gym

    At birth Mary Joe didn’t receive enough oxygen and her legs and left side of her body were affected by this. She deals with range of motion issues and sometimes struggles in her day to day living.

    Training Challenges

    When she first walked in through those doors I knew I was up for a challenge but so was she. Just getting her to warm up on the stationary bike was tough, let alone getting her in and out of it. She could only take small strides and barely lift her feet off the ground.
    Functional Training WORKS!
    Today, you can really tell the improvement she has made since first entering the studio. She can get in the bike by herself now, her foot strides are much higher and longer, and she even has improved core strength!

    One of the biggest improvements she has noticed personally, is walking up and down the stairs. This has become much easier and she can also get in and out of a vehicle with much less trouble. Some other improvements she has also noticed are:

    • Better balance
    • More strength
    • Improved stamina

    Great Attitude = Great Results!

    Mary Joe trains 3 times a week for 30 min and is one of the most consistent clients we have. She always arrives with enough time to get on the bike and warm up just prior to her training sessions. There are days when her body aches or might be more stiff than usual but she always comes in and with a great attitude towards exercising.
    Cold, rain, humid, or a hot summer day Mary Joe always manages to make it in through those doors and brighten up the studio.” ~Juan

    Do YOU have obstacles that are keeping you from becoming physically active?

    Call or email me today to get started on a fitness program that I believe will make you immune to all of life’s reason’s that are keeping you from becoming YOUR PERSONAL BEST!

    Once you start working with me, the obstacles will quickly become part of your BEFORE story. Let’s do this!

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