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  1. Traditional NOT Trendy Fitness

    Traditional not Trendy Fitness
    Written by YPB Fitness Professionals Lisa Wright and Terry Cobb

    Today there are a lot of buzz-words within the fitness industry.  Words that people use on television to sell the latest equipment, and gym franchises use to sell more memberships.  They know they sound good, and that the general public likes to hear them.  There are always the “latest and greatest” fitness programs that suddenly emerge.  The programs claim to be the silver bullet that will whittle away your middle or give you those six pack abs you’ve been dying for.  Whether it is a trendy new piece of equipment or the latest dance crazed fitness class – they usually die out after a few months or a couple years of popularity. Oftentimes, they do not produce the results they promise.  While trendy fitness ideas sound interesting to many, they may not be the best from a health and fitness perspective.  Many times, trendy fitness programs will only target one or two components of a complete fitness program and require you to purchase yet another piece of their “miracle” equipment.

    With traditional fitness, tried and true programs are used-with variations -that incorporate the full gamut of physical fitness. There is usually a lot of documented information based upon facts from years of use and research.  Traditional fitness often includes a set routine of exercises or circuit training.  Timed cardio activities such as biking, jogging or swimming complete these programs.  The advantage of traditional fitness programs is that you can easily incorporate the three essential components of a fitness plan by including strength training, aerobic exercise and stretching.

    1. (adj.) trendy
    of, in, or pertaining to the latest trend or style.

    2. (adj) traditional
    pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines

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