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  1. Tips to Keep You Motivated

    By Terry Cobb

    It can be daunting at times to stay motivated with our health and fitness. Minor setbacks can occur or boredom can set in. Motivation can wane. This is when we when we need to find a way to stay motivated. What are some things that can keep you, as a Your Personal Best client motivated? Here are a few tips:

    1.Remember all of your successes:

    Think of the times that you completed a tough project, event, or overcame a situation. What were you feeling? What inspired you then?  Try to remember all of the positive thoughts you had at that time.  If you have photos or other memorabilia of a race or event you succeeded in, get them out. Look at them again and remember! You can do it again.


    2. Set realistic, achievable goals: 

    Think about what you want to accomplish. Is it realistic? For example, you may want to run your first 5K. Set small, do-able goals that you can attain and gain a level of success with. Don’t start off thinking “I’ll go out and run 2 miles today”, if you have never ran before. Begin small. Begin with walking, then run a bit and work up to your 5K. These smaller, more attainable goals will give you the confidence you need to build on. Remember build success upon success!
    3. Determine and choose which workout routine is best for you:
    First, what are your fitness goals? Are you looking to become leaner, stronger or faster?   Maybe all three?   Whatever your goal, find the activities that are best suited to achieve that goal.  It’s also important to find those things that you “enjoy” doing. For example, do you prefer cycling, running or swimming? For your cardiovascular training, studies have shown that you will stick with what you enjoy doing the most. At Your Personal Best, we offer personalized one on one workout programs to help you reach those goals. There is something for everyone!
    4. Find a workout environment that you enjoy and caters to your needs:
    Here at Your Personal Best, we pride ourselves in creating a fun, safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. We have also created value added service by offering 30 minute workout sessions vs. the industry standard of 60 minute workouts. We also offer private kickboxing, aerobics, Yoga and Pilates, upon request-because YOU asked for it! We cater to you.
    5. Slip into your winning attitude before you get to the studio:
    Before you arrive for your workout, visualize a positive session. Use some self-talk to tell yourself what a great thing you are doing for you and anticipate your success! Think of all the positive aspects of working out: You are doing something good for yourself by relieving stress, creating  a healthy mind and body and you have achieved your goal for that day by completing your workout.
    6. If you need someone else to push you, consider a workout partner:
    Sometimes it helps to have another person who is matched to your fitness level to help push you. The camaraderie can be enjoyable, plus the accountability factor can give you the extra edge. You know your partner is there waiting for you, counting on you to workout with them. At Your Personal Best we offer Semi-Group training for four or less people. These groups have fun together, while getting fit. This can be a great way to keep you motivated!
    Remember, we here at Your Personal Best care and want to do all that we can to keep you motivated and achieving YOUR personal best!
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