They Like Spiders Too!

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  1. They Like Spiders Too!


    Halloween candy is yummy, but kids like spiders too…spider rings that is!  The truth is; although kids love to get candy, many of them would like just as much to get some cool new Halloween pencils or pens, spooky stickers, tattoos, or spider rings.



    Or, you might even try one of these options:

    • Mini rice cereal bites
    • Packages of trail mix
    • Cereal or energy bars
    • Small boxes of raisins
    • Small packages of dried fruit
    • Sugar-free gum
    • Mini juice boxes

    You may not be the “coolest” adult on the block, but  at least you can feel good about the fact that you’re not sending your neighbors’ kids into sugar oblivion!

    Here are some other tips to putting a limit on the sugar factor around your house…

    Don’t buy it now: You may be tempted to get organized and purchase your Halloween candy now. But that’s the worse thing you can do because most likely you will all eat it before Halloween and will have to go and purchase more. Purchase your Halloween candy on Halloween day to avoid an excess consumption of calories before the actual holiday.

    Control consumption: If you leave it up to the kids, they’ll have half their candy eaten before bed-time on Halloween night! Instead, sit down with their stash, and separate it into small-sized snack pouches that limit how much candy they have per day. Not that we’re saying that kids need candy every day but at least it’s a start!

    Move it to lose it: I like that Halloween gets families outdoors walking the neighborhood, and what if we do that on more nights other than just Halloween? Without the candy. Please take this time of the year as an opportunity to promote an active lifestyle and get outside for a hike, a long walk or a bike ride. Your bodies will thank you for it!

    Remember to consistently instill a love for exercise with your kids/grand kids and start them off young with lots of exercise and healthy foods…it will pay off in the end and you will have fun along the way.

  2. 2 responses to “They Like Spiders Too!”

    1. Randy Grace says:

      Thank you for the healthy “treat” ideas. Hey, I love your web site and the YPB Olympics 2012 posting. What a super idea for group success!

    2. Debra Bruce says:

      excellent ideas and just what i was looking for for our church trunk or treat event on holloween. thanks so much

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