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  1. Thrive in Your Fitness Journey

    Did you start the new year with a big fitness goal – like losing weight or going to the gym three times a week?

    And have you found it hard to stick to it, like so many people do every year?

    While setting goals can motivate, it’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t see immediate progress or face unexpected setbacks. Instead of focusing on specific goals, what if we shifted our attention to the process of improving ourselves every day, one step at a time?

    Think back to when you took out a mortgage or a car loan. It was overwhelming to imagine paying it all back at once – and much less overwhelming to rely on the schedule of payments, right?

    There were roadblocks then, but you overcame them.

    And now, if anyone feels shy about joining a gym, especially later in life, we get it, and we’re here to make it as welcoming, fun, and safe as possible—no need to worry. You’re starting too late or won’t know what you’re doing. With the right mindset and approach, anyone can become a fitter, healthier version of themselves, regardless of age or fitness level.

    Focus on the Process, Not the Goals

    So, let’s forget about outcomes for now and focus on doing what’s necessary to live the healthy life you deserve.

    1. Never underestimate the Fun Factor! Choose activities you enjoy. Maybe you prefer strength training, yoga, or cardio workouts. Experiment to see what you like best and what makes you feel good. Please talk with us about your goals, and be open-minded about what might help get you where you want to go.
    2. Set realistic expectations. Aim to improve daily, even just taking a short walk or squats at home. Don’t try to do too much too soon and get disappointed when significant results don’t come immediately.
    3. Listen to your body and adjust your routine as needed. Don’t push too hard or try to keep up with others at the gym. If you’re feeling tired or sore, try something else. A good trainer will adjust workouts for any concern you have.
    4. Seek support and guidance. Ask a personal trainer or gym staff for exercise advice and proper technique. Join one of our classes or small-group sessions, or find a workout buddy. You’ll keep each other motivated and accountable.
    5. Celebrate your progress and be kind to yourself – just like a friend. Remember the joy in the journey, not just the destination. You improve your health and well-being whenever you go to the gym or do something active. Smile at your progress and the positive changes you’re making!

    All it takes is a little effort every day, and it all adds up over time to a better, stronger, more vibrant life for you to enjoy. See us, and let’s get going! If you are ready to improve the quality of your life by restoring your strength, improving your balance, & reducing your joint pain so you can enjoy your favorite activities, try our 21-Day Strength and Balance Program for guaranteed results!

  2. Jackie’s Success In Spite of a Catch 22

    Huge congratulations to our client Jackie Ray, who has made incredible progress towards her goals! Not only is she making a physical transformation, but she is helping inspire so many others during this global disruption.

    Check out her story.

    Jackie Ray is a 62 years old sales manager for Omni Corpus Christ Hotel and has been working out with us off and on since 2017. After dropping out for a while, we invited her back for a 28 Day Transformation Challenge that she took us upon.

    Like many, Jackie has a grandchild that she cares for while still working full time. Full-time work sometimes makes dinner hard to do healthily. Her work includes travel that also makes it more challenging to maintain good habits.

    “Getting in and out of the car hurts my knees at the end of the day, so I’m in a catch 22, although better when I exercise them, sometimes they hurt too badly.  Oh, and did I mention I am allergic to anti-inflammatories?”

    Allergies to anti-inflammatories mean her arthritis pain is real

    “It’s in my back, knees, hands, and I have bumps on my feet from it.  I did not sleep well, never more than 3 hours at a time and woke up many times during the night.  With my grandson being young, I need to be able to enjoy special times with him and not hold him back from experiences.

    My goal was to take him to Disney World and be able to walk all day every day.  At the time I started, walking around SAMS Club killed my knees, and it was all I could do to get back to the car, much less drive home and put things away.”

    Jackie makes a studio comback

    Coming back to YPB Training Studio and staying true to a meal plan for 28 days, Jackie has now lost 14 lbs

    “I can tell you that I am now wearing a couple of capris that were too tight to be comfortable before.  I am sleeping so much better and have more energy during the day.  For the first time in my life, I must eat something in the AM, so that I don’t fade during the day.  I haven’t been back to the Dr., but I am hoping my ‘borderline’ diabetes is now under control.”

    “I am proud of myself, really pleased because the decisions I make daily are MINE, and I am making good ones.  If I choose to eat a roll, that’s ok, and I just don’t eat another one for the rest of the week.  Even my grandson has noticed that I am making the right choices and has asked me why I choose some things which tell me that I am a better example for him daily.”

    “YPB has made me comfortable in my skin.  Still too fat, and I even still move slowly and can’t do stairs without peg-legging due to my knees, BUT I am willing to try active things again, and if I fall short, it’s ok.  I have never felt uncomfortable walking into the studio and working out with other clients near my age. I know they are in full support of me, even as I have to have exercises modified most times.  BUT I WILL GET THERE!

    Jackie’s best advice for starting out

    “For anyone considering YPB, please know that they are a fantastic community of people who support each other.  If you decide to eat an ice cream cone, it’s ok.  Forgive yourself and move on.  The whole process is to feel better and move better, and they know we all need different things at different times.”

    A few of Jackie’s favorite things 

    • Quotes: “With God, all things are possible” – The book of Matthew, and “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust” – Tinkerbell
    • Book – To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Workout song – Justin Timberlake Can’t Stop the Feeling

    Amazing work! Who’s next? We’re always here to help and would love to be part of your wellness journey.

    Join Jackie in our 21-Day Online Program for our renowned workouts with the over 50-year-old crowd streamed LIVE anywhere you are. Email for more information

  3. Lisa W. Success Story

    Your Personal Best Fitness Questionnaire


    1998                                                                    1999                                                               2012

    1. Let’s get started..

    • Name: Lisa Grace Wright
    • Age: 51
    • Occupation (job title): Owner/Director of Operations; L.G.W. Fitness Inc. dba Your Personal Best Training Studio and Boomerang Social Media Marketing
    • How long have you lived in Corpus Christi? Since 1980
    • Are you married? Yes, to a very patient man…John Wills
    • Do you have children? (If so please include children’s names and ages) Sarah Kathleen Wright 22 and Holly Maclynn Wright 18

    2. Before your transformation, please describe (in detail) your typical day’s eating. I’ve been eating right for 15 plus years, I can only remember foods that stand out.

    Breakfast: Pop Tarts

    Lunch: Eat out, especially things like Fried Sweet and Sour Chicken lunch plates or Whataburger, fries and a shake.

    Dinner: Homemade, fast and easy meals like beans and cornbread or S.O.S. Does anyone remember what this is? (Shit on Shingles….chipped beef and gravy on toast) etc…..

    3. Please describe (in detail) how you eat now. Foods, amounts, combinations and times of day.

    Breakfast: Coffee, Oatmeal made with Mootopia milk a couple of walnuts, strawberries and blueberries, 1 whole egg and ½ cup of egg whites scrambles. Water and ProPower Liquid vitamin and Omega 3 gel capsule

    Mid AM: 1 cup of Mootopia Milk, 1 scoop Pro Power Whey Vanilla Protein and 1 banana.

    Lunch: Usually a sandwich or wrap (I use Flatouts) made with lean protein from the night before, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, a thin avacodo slice and/or any other vegies I may have on hand. Sometimes I have ½ piece of fruit with this or a 4 oz. Greek yogurt and more berries. Water and Omega 3 gel capsule

    Mid PM #1: Water and:

    • 1 cup of Lactaid Cottage Cheese/Greek yogurt mixture with 1 piece or Cup of fruit or
    • 2 Frigo Light Cheese sticks and fruit or
    • A Click Mocha or Vanilla Latte Shake made with Mootopia Milk or I make my on Cappuccino shake with left over morning coffee.
    • An EAS Myoplex Lite Bar.

    Mid PM #2: Water and something from same above list

    Late Dinner: Water and a lean protein over a salad with a lot of veggies. Sometimes a light beer if I just got in from cycling. If no cycling, I might have some other carb like a sweet potato, brown rice, fruit, or a couple of whole grain chips if I’m craving something salty.

    4. What is your favorite healthy meal? Sometimes John and I go to the Torch and I have the grilled tilapia, broccoli (no cheese), salad and a small glass of Merlot.

    5. What is your favorite “free day” food? Margaritas and all the chips and salsa you can eat! I am a margarita snob and won’t waste my calories on just any old margarita.

    6. Toughest eating obstacle to overcome? To ALWAYS eat with awareness! The addiction to salt, sugar and fat combinations especially when I feel tired or bummed about something can kick my calorie butt before I realize it. This combination (upon the first bite) releases “Dopamine” which tells the brain “life is good”. If I could stop after the first bite that would be fine but not usually the case for me.

    7. Current exercise routine. 45 min. – 1 hour weight training sessions M/W & F (sometimes I swim at Collier Pool on Fridays instead). Cycling: T/Th evenings with a group; Saturdays, 50 – 100 mile long group or event ride and Sunday recovery ride of 25 – 35 miles before church.

    8. Favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle. Energy out the Wazoo! (Wasn’t sure this was really a word, looked it up….oh my, guess I’ll leave it.)

    9. Who is your role model? My healthy, active senior clients who are living into their 80s as if they were 50.

    10.Why do you exercise? For me, not exercising is not an option? Why don’t people exercise?

    11.Who is your workout buddy? Often I train with a mid-morning group of women who has been working out at my studio for years. I love to cycle with the CC Southside cycling group. They adopted me four years ago and I love them all.

    12.How long have you exercised regularly? I’ve always been active but exercising formally came to me at about 35 or 36 years old.

    13.What is your must-have piece of gear? My Vibram Five Finger (barefoot shoes) with socks when I weight train. I feel lost without my heart rate monitor and cycling computer when I ride. When I swim…..well that would be my goggles, cap and suit.

    14. What is your health and fitness advice? I have NIKE’s slogan printed on my Road ID….. “Just Do It”.

    Stop making excuses, there is no perfect time except NOW, today and dig deep for a committed reason to never stop!

    15.What is your best health or fitness achievement? I have won many medals and trophies in Body Building, 5k, 10k, Half Marathons, Triathlons and Cycling Event completion medallions. My biggest health achievement happens each day when I stop twice for 20 – 30 minutes, get completely quiet, go within and meditate using the Christ Centered Prayer method. The fruits of this twice daily practice sustain everything else in my very active life.

    16. What is your current health or fitness goal? Hmmmm…..I probably have more of a bucket list like rafting 250 miles down the Colorado River Grand Canyon or cycling in France.

    My business health and fitness goal is to become a motivational international speaker sharing what I have learned about the Body, Mind and Spirit connection for living a healthy and active lifestyle.

    17. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym or otherwise exercising? Clients blowing their noses in our gym towels, muddy gym shoes and people throwing their gum and Kleenex in our recycle bin.

    18.What sport would you like to try? I have two: I would like to take a Free Style (several days) swim clinic and really taking swimming seriously. I think this is great way to exercise as we age. I would also like to try Stand up Paddle boarding. (Not sure this sport yet!)

    19. How would you spend $100 earmarked for health and fitness? My rear bike light fell off and I need a new one. The LED lights can be rather expensive or another pair of Vibram Five Fingers or a new TYR bathing suit.

    20.What is the most exotic locale where you have exercised? Waikoloa, Waikoloa Village, HI

    21.What music do you listen to while exercising? Sirius “The Message” Channel 63 when I am alone. The 80’s or Classic Vinyl when I am with the group. I DO NOT listen to music when I am cycling unless my cycling friend, Don is playing the Bee Gee’s.

    22.What is your most embarrassing exercising moment? Probably when I passed gas while filming an exercise video with another one of my trainers and the social media girls who work for me. They later posted it on YouTube. Fortunately we were all laughing so hard you can hardly hear the toot!

    23.What do you think is the best benefit of exercising and/or eating right? Living younger each year!

  4. Avoiding Back Pain for the “Weekend Warrior”

    Here in South Texas the warm weather and longer days draw people outside to engage in all of the activities they missed during the winter like golfing, jogging or bicycling. Motivated by the notion of shorts and bathing suits, some people decide to get in shape fast. Others undertake those outdoor projects they’ve been putting off all winter. Gardening, painting the house or building that special project.  The results of overdoing it can be very painful. This phenomenon is known as “weekend warrior syndrome”. Overdoing it can actually set your fitness program back several weeks as you recuperate from muscle strain. Typically, due to muscular imbalances and lack of core strength-the back can be the first to go-for those boomers looking to “hit it hard”.


    Injury Prevention

    If you haven’t stayed in shape through the winter, you should undertake a modified training program to prevent activity related injuries. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

    1.     Begin your workout with a brisk walk or some other type of dynamic activity to warm up your muscles. After your muscles are warmed up, stretch them out. Too many people begin their workout by stretching before they are warmed up and suffer injuries as a result. Think of you muscles as a rubber hose. When that hose is cold, it’s not very flexible, however, after it’s sat in the sun a bit, it’s more pliable. Your muscles are a lot like that hose.


    2.    Invest in good footwear.  It’s worth it to spend money on the proper shoe.  Remember to use the proper shoe for the proper activity. It’s an investment in your safety, just as good tires are for your car.


    3.    If you are taking up a new sport such as golf, tennis or cycling, have an experienced sales person fit the equipment to you. It is also a good idea to take some lessons when starting a new sport, so you can learn proper technique. This will help reduce your chances of injury.


    4.    Don’t overdo it. Pace yourself and try not to get everything done in one weekend. Your body also needs a chance to recover after you have engaged in heavy physical activity. One great idea is to add cross training to your fitness routine. This allows you to train the various muscle groups each day. An effective regimen of cross training might be to bicycle one day, swim the next day, play tennis on the third, and jog on the fourth. Varying your activity this way, and alternating the intensity of your workouts, will help you avoid overuse injuries.

    When you have finished your workout, cool down. Stretching is a good way to cool down. If your muscles are pumped up and tight, it’s easy to suffer a strain. Give them a chance to relax.   Remember to stay in shape year-round. However, if you tend to slack off over the winter, undertake a gradual exercise program in the spring. That way you can avoid becoming a lame weekend warrior.


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