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  1. Check Out Kristy’s Balance!

    Check out this client’s balance! Real change is marked by the small steps we take every day. It’s a privilege to walk alongside Kristy Hardcastle, whose hard work is definitely paying off. Our clients love us! 

    In her words –

    “Since joining YPB, I no longer wear ankle braces (after relying on braces for over a decade playing tennis; I had two bad sprains on both ankles at different times and was on crutches; ankles tend to roll out quickly). With all the balance exercises, my ankles have strengthened, and I’ve gained the confidence to let go of the braces.

    I can feel my ankles working when doing specific exercises. I have since carried on balance exercises for the kids I teach at tennis as an essential part of our routine stretches and warm-up exercises.

    Because of overuse of my wrists from playing and teaching tennis, there were times I couldn’t use my hand(s) because of pain after exercise. Thanks to YPB’s founder, Lisa Wright, I’ve learned to lessen the load and use different holds on dumbbells and straps. It’s a hook hold.

    I know I’ve gained strength in my wrists from how my recovery is after workouts. Instead of 2-3 days of aching/pain, it’s down to the next day of regular soreness, just like other muscles react after a workout.

    It’s been a long time getting to where I am, but I know I’m improving for the better, even with setbacks throughout the years.

    ~ Kristy Hardcastle

    P.S. Have you had physical setbacks over the years, is your balance declining and pain increasing, and are you over 50 years old and interested in some help? Let YPB help improve your life’s quality by restoring your strength, improving your balance, & reducing your joint pain so you can enjoy your favorite activities. 

  2. A Family That Keeps You Going

    In almost all cases, when a person is looking for a trainer or a training studio they are looking for more than just a place to workout. One of the greatest things that we have at our studio is a family with great camaraderie among our clients.

    Jena Stout is one of our clients who bring energy, passion, and a great commitment to her workouts. The thing we love about her is that she decided to stay long-term with us when she realized how much she enjoyed it here and that we could help her reach her goals.

    “I first came to Your Personal Best in April when we had the Little Black Dress Challenge.  After that I found that I really enjoyed YPB and decided to stay on.”

    Jena not only loves the functional workouts but also the small group that she personal trains with. Which is one of the major reasons why she decided to stay with us.

    She is a great addition to our YPB community and loves training with her group because of the great friends she’s made. When people come in with an open mind and fall in love with us, they are surprised that we are so much more than just about working out.


    Our Functional Aging workouts not only give you great results but also put you in a place where you are with people who are above the age of 50 and with the same mindset as yours. Jena’s results speak for themselves as she’s managed to lose body fat, gain muscle, and also feel great while doing it.

    “Training here at Your Personal Best has helped me to decrease my fat mass and increase my muscle mass.  It’s also helped me with my balance and I feel really good.”

    If you ever feel like you’re lacking motivation, feel out of shape, or don’t know where to start; at YPB, we will help you with all of this.  We’ll group you with 4-8 people, provide you with Functional Aging workouts, and motivate you as we help you reach your goals.

    “I absolutely would recommend Your Personal Best to my family and friends because everybody here treats you very nicely and they know your name when you walk in. You will have fun while you’re working out.”

    Watch Jena’s full testimonial Here –

    Interested in doing one of our quarterly challenges just like Jena did? Our next challenge starts July 9th.

    The 5 Week Muffin Top Meltdown Team Challenge is designed to help men and women over 50 wake-up feeling healthy and energized, fit better into their clothes, gain self-confidence, and help them to MOVE better, FEEL better and MORE like their young-selves again.

    Learn more about this MTMD challenge here and Bring a Friend week starting NEXT Monday –

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