Large Survey Proves Exercise Improves Health, No Matter When You Begin

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  1. Large Survey Proves Exercise Improves Health, No Matter When You Begin


    We like to say it’s never too late to start exercising to enjoy the health benefits it brings, like reducing disease and even improving your life span.

    Now, the National Institutes of Health has offered fresh support for that fact.

    “Physical activity reduces the risk of many chronic illnesses and increases the odds of a longer, healthier life,” the NIH says. “But it hasn’t been clear whether the benefits of exercise differ based on when during their lives people are most active.”

    Scientists examined data from 300,000 people ages 50-71 who joined the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study that started in the mid-1990s. The survey gathered information about their levels of physical activity at different stages of life. The survey followed participants through 2011 and recorded deaths from any cause as well as deaths from heart disease or cancer.

    Among the unexpected findings is news that’s good for anyone who hasn’t been especially active yet.

    “People who were inactive as teens and young adults but increased physical activity in middle age saw the same reduced risk of death as those who stayed active from adolescence onward,” the NIH wrote.

    “These results add to evidence that becoming active later in life can provide substantial health benefits.”

    So, there’s no support to saying, “I’m over 50 – it’s too late for me.” Physical activity improves health at any age. Find a certified functional aging specialist near you

    Get going; TODAY!

    And if you’re already working out regularly, keep it up!

  2. Look Your Best for Summer

    With summer vacation quickly approaching, many of us over 50 years old are now thinking about looking and feeling our best while checking another trip off our bucket list. Too bad that getting healthier is a slow and steady process, rather than an instant fix.

    However, I do have an extremely effective 2-step method for moving better, feeling better, and maybe even losing some of that belly fat faster than ever. I’d like to share this method with you today so that you can utilize it to look and feel your best this summer.

    Look Your Best for Summer. This 2-step method fights fat and reduces inflammation simultaneously on two separate fronts for maximum effectiveness: your sugar intake and the intensity of your workouts.

    First: This step requires zero extra effort on your part! All you have to do is NOT do something that you’re currently doing! You must stop consuming refined sugar, in all its forms. To stop consuming refined sugar means no sodas, no desserts, no packaged snacks, no candy, no mocha lattes, NO SUGAR AT ALL!

    When you stop to evaluate your diet, it may be shocking to find out how much-refined sugar has crept in. Nothing will contribute to poor health as swiftly as consuming sugar, so it makes sense that cutting sugar out is the top must-do for shedding those unwanted pounds.

    It’s not necessary, or beneficial, to starve yourself during this time of rapid change – you should fill in your diet with lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you cut out the refined sugar. Keep your metabolism high by fueling up on high protein, high fiber, low carb, and zero sugar foods whenever hunger strikes.

    Second: Here’s the step that requires some effort; and trust me when I say it’s worth it. You have to crank up the intensity of your workouts to a whole new level.

    Most people take exercise on with the slow and steady mentality – moving, pushing, and pulling as little as possible while still “getting the job done.” I’ve got some news for you…if you are still in poor shape then the job isn’t getting done.

    If you can comfortably hold a conversation, hardly break a sweat, or feel the same when it’s over as you did when it began, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough while you exercise.

    Increasing the intensity of your workouts requires focused intent. You must go into the session to push your body to the point of discomfort. Remember, it’s a contained timeframe that will be over shortly, so bear down and deal with uncomfortable for 20 -30 minutes. With practice, you will learn to embrace the training effect created.

    The safest and most effective way to crank up the intensity and effectiveness of your exercise time is to work with a certified functional aging specialist, such as myself. My team and I would love to hear from you!

    Call or email us today, and together we will get you started on your fastest healthiest body ever now before summer vacation.

    If you’re not local and interested in a certified functional aging specialist near you, please follow this link to locate someone in your area .

  3. Simple Steps to Being Mindful during a Workout

    When working out, is it best to:

    • Talk on the phone, worry about your “to do” list, and hold your breath while exerting yourself?
    • Pay attention to your breathing and your body, avoid judging yourself and others, and be thankful for what you can do?


    We hope the answer is obvious. And if it is congratulations! You already know the definition of “mindfulness,” or returning your awareness to the present time and place. When you’re exercising, mindfulness helps make your workout effective and safe. It also helps you enjoy it, which means you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

    Here are a few simple tips. Remember, it’s all about returning your awareness to the present. That’s not the same as “staying in the moment” – because no one can do that.

    • Set an intention for your workout.
    • Unplug. No podcast, reading or texting.
    • Warm up with deep breathing and stretching.
    • Notice how your body feels and reacts before and during the workout. Make necessary adjustments.
    • Pay attention to your breathing. That’s the key to returning focus when your mind inevitably wanders, or you’re distracted.

    Of course, sometimes it’s great to put on earbuds and mentally check out while you’re jamming to oldies on the elliptical machine.

    But when you want to be really present and revel in the mind-body connection, keep coming back to the moment, to your breath, to what you’re doing with your body — right here, right now.

  4. Slow It Down for Safety and Effectiveness

    How often in life have we been told to hurry up?

    Drive faster!

    Don’t be late!


    Pick up the pace!

    But with healthy living after age 50, the opposite is often best.

    At the gym, we might naturally think we’re supposed to perform a movement as fast as we can. Maybe we’re competitive, or don’t want to look like we don’t know what we’re doing.

    But in many exercises, including weightlifting and other resistance training, we should most times try to slow things down. Move methodically, and with intention, so you can make sure you’re performing the motion correctly. That will give you the most benefit and decrease your chance of injury.

    Work with your trainer on balance – important for people over 50 to help avoid falls.

    Talk with your trainer or someone else at your gym for more information. At Your Personal Best Training Studio, reply to this email or phone 361-857-5087 and our director of operations, Juan Guerrero, will call you back soon.

    Other forms of exercise are great for us, too, and require a deliberate pace. Think about it: No one ever raced through a yoga class.

    Meditation lowers blood pressure, stress, and inflammation. It can help with chronic pain and headaches, depression, anxiety, and insomnia, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says.

    Studies show older people who meditate also see improvements in:

    • Memory
    • Cognitive decline
    • Digestion
    • Stress
    • Loneliness

    You don’t have to sit on the floor cross-legged. You can meditate in a chair or bed. You can listen to a meditation podcast at your volume, if that’s an issue, or find a class for other seniors. And guided meditations are helpful at this stage of life, because they provide cues to lead you through a section, so you’re not left wandering on your own.

    Don’t assume your age means you can’t lift weights, practice yoga or meditate. Just discuss any concerns with the trainers or instructors, who are educated and experienced in making modifications for individual participants of all kinds.

    Lifting, stretching, walking, we’ll help you find the movements that are right for you to do, and help you do them at the right speed.

    Just don’t wait too long to get started. Let us hear from you today.

  5. Wanda’s Continued Success….

    When you have a good thing going, make sure you keep it going!  It’s easy to treat exercise or diet like a program that has a beginning or end. What if reaching your first healthy goals were just the beginning of reclaiming your body at 50+ years old?

    Wanda Avila is another one of our amazing clients we can’t wait to tell you about.  She was very hesitant to give Your Personal Best Training Studio a try at first, and once she did, she knew we could help her reach her longer-term goals almost immediately.

    It’s a great feeling knowing that you are investing in your health not only working with Functional Aging Specialists but also by coming out of isolation and joining a community with similar goals, drive and aging concerns in mind.

    “I’ve gained strength, stamina, balance, coordination, a community of friends, and a support group that is with me on my steps to becoming a better me every day.” ​- Wanda, 58

    The AWESOME thing about Wanda is that she has tried some of our challenges before but this last one she really came to understand just what it means to put the pieces together.

    She was our overall winner for our summer quarterly challenge not only for being a fantastic captain but for losing the most body fat percent, inches, and maintaining her muscle mass!

    These are her numbers since joining YPB:

    • Body Fat %: lost 6.3%
    • Body Fat: lost 21.7 lb.
    • Muscle: gained 3lb.
    • Waist: lost 3in.

    It is essential to know that Wanda didn’t stop as soon as she lost some scale weight, Instead she has continued on with her goals, loves coming to YPB and her workout community.

    Wanda works hard, is dedicated, and a great person to workout with because her motivation is encouraging to everyone around her.

    “I highly recommend YPB to everyone in the community to join us on becoming stronger, healthier, and feeling the best you can.”

    Hear Wanda’s full testimonial here -​ 

    This CAN be a life-changing experience for you or someone you know.  If you’re over 50 years old, let Wanda’s story motivate you to get moving again and to consider aging actively.

    We’re NEVER too young or old to start an exercise program. If anyone is on the fence about joining our community, reply to this email and take us up on a FREE Functional Fitness analysis this NEXT week in honor of Wanda’s success, and you will see why our clients love us so much!

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