A Daughter’s Love Worked for Mom

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  1. A Daughter’s Love Worked for Mom

    Sometimes when we’re stuck, it takes a loved one’s guidance to help us take the first step toward reaching a goal.

    It can be that way with fitness over 50, whether the loved one is a spouse, friend – or even an adult child.

    Fitness has a way of bringing people closer together.

    Take Sandy Bauer, 77, who admits that, until recently, she never cared for exercise. She wanted to lose weight, gain confidence, and feel better about her appearance, but nothing motivated her.

    “The worse I looked and felt, I just sat around feeling stuck,” she says. “I couldn’t get out of it.”

    But now, Sandy can’t stand to miss a workout. She’s hooked – losing pounds and feeling better than ever.

    The difference? She took the advice of her daughter, Kim Chiodo, 52, and started working out with Kim’s trainer at a gym.

    “It’s taken me a lot to get started,” Sandy says. “But now that I’m doing it and feeling better, I really enjoy it. I like the way it’s helping me, so it makes me want to keep going.”

    Working out with other people is an excellent route to fitness that millions of older people have found. As Sandy learned, the social interaction provided by exercise is one of its most essential elements for older people.

    And exercising with family members is a great way to share common interests, encourage each other, and establish positive habits without feeling nervous about stepping into a gym or studio for the first time.

    Sandy recently moved to Kim’s city, and that helped, Kim said.

    “I knew her potential, but I could see her aging in a way that I knew she didn’t have to,” said Kim, 52. “She was exhausted, down, and frustrated by her limitations, and I knew she was capable of more.”

    Sandy has been enjoying lifting weights for the first time in her life for more than four months now. And she has learned the vital importance of strength training for older people. It staves off muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, and improves bone density, balance, sleep, and mood.

    Sandy arrives at the gym smiling, happy to talk with everyone she sees because she’s so excited.

    “I feel proud that I have done this,” says Sandy, a former dental assistant.

    But no one is prouder than her daughter, a speech pathologist.

    “I’m so happy that she has this newfound confidence in doing something that she never really explored,” Kim says. “She’s happier. It keeps her mind engaged. It’s elevated her mood. She feels better about herself.

    “It gives me goosebumps and peace and happiness. It’s been a bonding thing between the two of us.”

    The admiration is mutual between mother and daughter.

    “Every time Kim puts something on, she looks so beautiful,” Sandy says. “That’s what I’m striving for. She looks so good, she feels good, and she’s strong. She’s my idol. I hope I can continue as she does.”

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  2. She Proves It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising

    A motto can be effective for anyone trying to get in shape.

    Angela Staab uses one you’ve heard of before or seen on T-shirts.

    But she also has come up with her bit of advice and encouragement:

    “You can’t be a slug.”

    Now almost 80, she has used it to motivate her through life as a “senior athlete,” working out with a trainer regularly, enjoying time with family, and improving her quality of life.

    It’s GREAT advice for anyone at any age, regardless of your current physical condition.

    Here’s the story of how she came to it.

    No Time to Exercise, She Thought

    At age 55, Angela was a busy healthcare executive with a family who didn’t have time to exercise.

    At least, that’s what she thought until one 5K race changed everything for her.

    Angela had a goal of finishing in 45 minutes so her team would get the points for her run. But with just two weeks to train, she didn’t know if she could do it.

    With her daughter’s encouragement, she won her age division, finishing in 36 minutes.

    That was 24 years ago.

    She hasn’t stopped exercising since.

    Now, Angela is proof that you don’t have to be in shape to start exercising – and that you can start later in life and still gain all the benefits of regular physical activity.

    “My running gave me peace of mind, so I kept doing it,” she says.

    Angela has been recognized as a national champion by USA Track & Field 14 times in an array of running and throwing events from the middle distance to discuss, to hammer, to shot put, to the javelin, and super weight.

    She will go to Pittsburgh, where she was born and raised, for the 2023 National Senior Games and compete in at least nine events. She will be 80. She has competed in previous national and international senior track meets.

    How She Keeps Going

    She was advised to start using a personal trainer when training verged on becoming too much. So, she does this to prevent injury and maximize her time and effort.

    She does a range of exercises twice a week, including weightlifting, bicycling, and using the elliptical machine. On other days, she also runs and cross-trains with pickleball and swimming.

    She has arthritis and had a hip replaced four years ago, but she has no plans to slow down.

    Her motto is, It’s not how old you are but how you are old.

    You’ve seen that one before.

    But she stumbled upon a new way to put it, about advice she has for other people over 50 and enjoying a high quality of life.

    “You can’t be a slug,” Angela explains. “If you are a slug, you’re not going to make it.”

    >We love Angela’s inspiring story and attitude. See us; we’ll also help you on your fitness journey. Click the link to learn more about our 21-Day Strength and Longevity Program and start aging actively today. 

  3. Success Story: He Shed Unhappiness with the Extra Pounds

    Actor Doug Spearman was in a funk a few years ago – unhappy and overweight at 210 pounds on his 5’8” frame.

    His TV series “Noah’s Ark,” a glossy gay rom-com in the “Sex and the City” mold, had concluded. He was on a new medication that boosted his weight. He ended a relationship and overate to manage the stress, putting on more. Things cascaded, and he grew unhappier.

    “I looked like a brown beach ball,” he says.

    But now, at 60, Doug is back to his pre-“Noah’s Ark,” fighting weight at 169 and feeling stronger than ever. It took a while and some steady habits – eating right, exercising regularly, going to the gym, enjoying yoga, and riding his bike.

    “I wanted to feel better, sleep better, keep moving,” he says. “My flexibility is way more important now at 60 than having a size 31-inch waist again.”

    The Hollywood veteran, used to the intense scrutiny actors face, upped his intensity to get ready. He knew he’d be paired with a much younger, impossibly sexy actor. Still, he was a little nervous when producers called for a new “Noah’s Ark” movie – complete with partial nudity in intimate scenes.

    The big day finally came.

    “He’s got a 31-year-old, chiseled body — and I felt great,” Doug says. “Do I look like him? No. I look like me – the best version of me possible.

    “And I’m not going backward. I’m not that unhappy guy anymore.”

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  4. Traveler Stays Fit on the Road


    How This Business Traveler Stays Fit on the Road

    People are living longer than ever before. They’re also working longer, too, with many maintaining jobs after 50 that keep them traveling on a regular basis.

    That can make fitness extra-challenging for active adults still enjoying their demanding careers. Steady business travel can mean long days; restless nights; little incentive to exercise; and eating heavy meals in restaurants or lousy ones at conferences. In short, it can be a quick route to weight gain and other unhealthy outcomes.


    Tim Johnson learned that first-hand in his 40s, when his sales job started taking him away for three days a week and he quickly packed on 40 pounds.


    “The clients want to go to the best restaurants, and you don’t want to be ‘the salad guy,’” explains Tim, who flies for business three days a week, almost every week of the year. “You have to be focused and know when to say no. People ask me how I stay so slim at my age and traveling so much. You just have to be committed to it.”


    You also have to learn which hotels have good gyms. Some advertise “exercise facilities” that end up being a closet with an old treadmill. But many business hotels know that corporate travelers demand a place to work out while they’re away from home, and you can find those gyms pretty easily, Tim has learned.


    When you’re stuck somewhere without much to offer, ask the front desk if the hotel has an agreement with a local gym, or just if there’s one nearby.


    Weather permitting, inquire about a local walking trail, even in an urban environment. It’s a great way to get your steps but also to explore the city.


    Tim has picked up tons of tips over the years. He’s 55 now and stays at a trim 185 pounds on his 6’1” frame. The physical vitality of exercise is key to his success as a happy road warrior. He advises:


    • Use a trainer, at least when you’re starting, and ask for workouts to take with you and perform alone.
    • Watch YouTube videos with dumbbell workouts, since barbells are rare in hotel gyms.
    • Schedule the day and time of your exercise while traveling so it doesn’t get away from you.
    • Keep workouts short and focused. You can get in the epic, full-body sessions at home.
    • Pack water and healthy snacks in your carry-on bag.
    • Avoid the hotel bar, but find a healthy way to relax.
    • Avoid hotel chains, so that each city feels special. Book with a website that will let you accumulate points across brands.
    • Explore each location’s museums, sporting venues, and other landmarks. It’s good for your mood and energy levels.


    Tim speaks onstage frequently, and in his business, appearances are important. Working people over 50 know the subtle ways ageism can come into play.


    “It’s important that I don’t look like an old man,” he says. “I need to be energetic, motivated, motivational, and excited about my projects.”


    >What about you? Are you still a frequent business traveler? Do you need some help keeping a healthy lifestyle while away? We’re here to help. Come see us today.

  5. Dumbbell Workout

    Targeted Muscles
    1 Arm Chest Press
    Chest, Shoulders, Biceps
    1 Arm Bent Over Row
    Lats, Biceps
    Split Squat Rotation
    Quads, Hips, Core
    1 Arm Overhead Press
    Shoulders, Triceps
    Twisting Curls
    Biceps, Forearm
    Weighted Sit-Ups

    Why train using a dumbbell?

    The purpose behind a one dumbbell workout is to get a good strength training workout from the convenience of your home.  Strength training is great for increased bone density, muscular strength, improved joint mobility, and increased cardiac function.  The good/bad news is; we can gain muscular strength at any age but “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

    Split Squat Rotation

    How to get started!!!

    The 1 dumbbell workout is a great workout to target all the major muscle groups in your body and can be done in 30 minutes of your day.  If you have never lifted weights with a dumbbell or perhaps have not done these exercises before, you should start off without weights to get the feel for the exercises.  Once you feel comfortable enough with the exercise, you can start to use a light dumbbell to get use to the added weight.  As the exercise becomes more familiar, add weight that is challenging enough for you to work with.

    Uni Twisting Curl

    What weight should I use?

    Women and men are built differently and will have different ranges as to how much weight they can use during this workout.  Women can use a 10 to 15 pound dumbbell and men can use a 12 to 20 pound dumbbell.  The weight will depend on how comfortable you are with the exercise, how strong you are as an individual, and your experience with dumbbells.  Remember your goal is to gradually get stronger with these exercises and not to see if you can lift the world on your first day working out.  It is best to be safe and use lower weight than to use a heavier weight and risk getting injured.

    Floor Bench PressThe Workout

    This workout will target all the major muscle groups like chest, back, legs, and everyone’s favorite… their core.  The workout will consist of 3 sets of 12 repetitions, this means that you will do each exercise three times and each time you do the exercise it will consist of 12 repetitions.  In between each exercise there should be a rest period of one minute to give your muscles some time to recover.  As you start the workout, you will notice that the first few are multi-joint exercises that target more muscle groups and then end with single joint exercises like bicep curls followed by sit ups.  If at any point you feel that you can lift heavier weight, try doing more repetitions, first with the weight you are doing now. Eventually, start to increase the weight of the dumbbell.  Overall, you should be getting a great full body workout and great benefits in just a fraction of the time.

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