I am not just my body …

Functional Aging

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  1. I am not just my body …

    Thank Goodness I Am Not Just My Body!

    just my body

    Lisa G Wright

    My staff and I recently updated our professional photos for marketing purposes. This photo is an untouched proof that came through our email today and I was SHOCKED at all of my wrinkles!

    Do you look in the mirror or have a photograph taken of yourself and LIKE what you see?

    Dang it, I know I’ve hit the double nickel this year. I know I spend a lot of time in the sun with all my activities and I KNOW I’m still too stubborn to dye my hair. Seriously WHEN did I start looking my age?

    Now I’m going to do what I do best and change the subject when I start feeling uncomfortable … follow me if you can.

    Mind Body Spirit Connection and Weight Loss

    There are many diets on the market, exercise programs, diet pills, etc. Years ago my training studio staff and I put together our mission statement and core values with the help of a trusted professional. One of our core values “Unity” reads as follows:

    • At YPB we all embrace the same fitness philosophy, share knowledge and strengths with one another and create a united team in support of our clients’ balance of mind, body and spirit.
    • We promote a community of clients and trainers focused on mutual trust and interconnectedness.


    Unity seems to supports the truth I’ve come to know beyond the physical body. My journey has led me to believe we are not just our bodies! As stated in a previous newsletter… I also believe we have a responsibility to our body.

    I have sought a deeper meaning in life, always. Through time and a discipline of prayer, study and meditation; I have learned to access within my physical form a place where love vibrates, radiates and is transforming my life’s most true intent.

    I most certainly should exercise and eat right … this is logical to me yet still hard to do. Beyond logic (my mind thinking) into the depths of my being resides a Power greater than myself. It seems to affect my relationship with others, with exercise, with food and all things of this world, like no other. Nothing has ever made a greater impact on my practical and spiritual life.

    Just as I have learned to exercise daily, eat right, take a bath, brush my teeth, wear my seat belt in a car and a helmet riding my bike, so I have learned to turn my attention inward twice daily. The practice of sitting in silence, allowing my thoughts to rise, not dialoguing with them and gently turning back to my heart center has brought a freedom and peace that can only be the fruits of this practice.

    So you want to lose weight?

    In my experience, lighten your mental load first. I may have gone to extreme and competitive measures to look good on the outside for much of my life but it was all I knew how to do and I wasn’t happy.

    Your insides are yours to work on; if you want some help with your physical condition, call me at 361-549-4604, my staff and I would love to work with you in our loving, caring, non-judging and safe studio environment.


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Your Personal Best Training Studio
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(361) 857-5087 info@ypbtrainingstudio.com