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  1. What Motivates You?

    Being above the age of 50 and wanting to live a healthier and more active lifestyle is something that a lot of people not only need to do but also want to do.  But this is not the only thing that motivates people and every person has their own unique goals and aspirations.

    Being Functional Aging Specialists means that we help men and women, over 50, reach their goals and do it with ease at mind.  Helen Peters is one of our awesome clients who came to us with a specific goal in mind.

    “I got started because this summer I’m going to be attending my 40th high school reunion.  I met Lisa at Rotary and I made a commitment that she was the way to make this happen.”

    In just six weeks, Helen lost 7.6% body fat and lost a total of 15.2lb of fat!  Not only was she losing body fat but also managed to put on 6lb of muscle.

    “I just feel that I’m treating my body better.  I love the eating plan and eating healthy, just on the outside of the grocery store.  They say shop on the outside of the grocery store, and that’s what we did.

    I’ve always tried to exercise and be healthy, but again, I think it was changing in that for the first time I saw results.” – Helen Peters

    Watch this video and hear from Helen how YPB has been a life changing experience for her. https://bit.ly/2r0OTu4

    Have Commitment?

    One of the main reasons that Helen did so well was her commitment to our program and the fact she was at a point in her life where she was ready for a change.

    At YPB, we help men/women, over 50, move better, feel better and age actively. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your best possible health and quality of life. If you are ready to make a change, like Helen, give us a call today!



  2. A Setback is Just a Bump in the Road!

    Have you ever had a setback when you thought everything was going the right way for you?  Well you’re not the only one, and we’d like for you to meet someone that trusted us enough to help her overcome her bump in the road to reach her personal goals no matter what was trying to set her back.

    Gina Hoff is one of the most motivated clients we have.  She is a 68 year old great grandmother who has a number of goals that keep her going.  Not only is she a great grandmother but she also works full time and never misses any of her work out sessions at our studio.  We love her personality, persistence, hard work, dedication and desire to move better, feel better, and age actively.

    Her Setback …

    Gina had a horrific accident in her home that dislocated her prosthetic hip about four months ago.  She was devastated not only because she would be out of her normal routine but also because   she would be missing her YPB family and would have to wear a hip brace for 3 months.

    “I was upset because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to my group sessions.”

    As Functional Aging Specialists; though, we knew how to take care of Gina to make sure she maintained her functionality and range of motion and strength in her hip.  We structured and tailored her functional fitness workout specifically to fit her needs and eventually helped her get back movin’ and groovin’ again.

    “They structured the lessons to suit me and in the past three months they’ve gotten me back on track. I’m well again.”

    Hear Gina’s full testimonial here – 

    We understand that people have setbacks and things happen in our lives that are out of our control. If you are male or female over 50 and have had a setback we offer FREE consultations with the intent of getting YOU back on your feet and reaching your personal goals as well.

    Our Functional Aging workouts are adaptable no matter the exercise or most limitations a person might have.

    “YPB can help anyone no matter how old they think they are.  In the long run you’re going to live a lot longer and happier life.” ~ Gina H., 68

  3. Janine’s Success Story

    janine-headshot55 year old personal training client shares her health and fitness success in ONLY 6 weeks!

    Janine has lived in Corpus Christi for about 35 years and we met each other at church during this time. Our youngest daughters are the same age and besides being a long time client, I consider Janine a trusted friend.

    A Few Favorite Things

    As a recently divorced and empty nester, Janine finds plenty of time to do one of her favorite things … hiking.

    In Texas, she takes trips to Lost Maples, Garner State Park and Enchanted Rock at least once a year. The Big Bend Area is on her bucket list and yearly you might find her hiking in Colorado as well as periodically in Northern Michigan.

    Last year she took a little different trip that included hiking 4 + weeks in Spain along the “Northern Way” of the Camino de Santiago (Camino del Norte) pilgrimage trail.

    Janine has trained off and on at YPB for years to help prepare her for this type of hiking, originally for strength and endurance and most recently to help with balance.

    “As I age, my balance is getting much worse and when hiking, on occasion, I find myself on ledges where good balance is critical. I also hike with a pole these days to help assure balance, but appreciate the additional training I receive at YBP.”

    Nature photography is also a favorite pastime and a group of us get together to go “photo chasing” once in awhile at area wildlife refuges and anyone is welcome to join us anytime. We manage “meet ups” for photo chasing or just walking out doors for exercise through a private Facebook group called “Walk the Way”

    Training at YPB

    Janine has trained with us many different ways over the years.

    • Private shared with one of her daughters
    • Private … that she gave up while going through a divorce process and trying to figure out finances.
    • Most recently through small group training that she really enjoys.

    “Through all that training though, I wasn’t being as mindful about eating. I know enough about health and fitness to know that diet is about 80% of the process, so I decided to try the Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge to kick start weight loss and learn more about developing a healthy eating lifestyle.

    I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the whole competition thing and weekly weigh-ins. Turns out it was just what I needed to begin losing the weight. Whenever I felt like cheating or felt like I was still hungry after eating the day’ planned meals, I would remember my team and the weigh in.

    My team and the other teams were wonderful “accountability and support” systems through out the competition. I have been recommending the challenge to friends and will do it again in the future.”

    Janine ended up losing 13.55#’s of fat, 3.75″ overall and reduced her body composition over 3%. Stay tuned for our NEXT Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge and be sure to ask Janine to be YOUR team leader!


  4. Freddy Ramirez’s Testimonial

    We love that our clients share their personal experiences with us in YPB. Here is one we’d like to share with you!

    Freddy Ramirez joined our Group Personal Training sessions (6 – 10 people) in February 2011 and strength trained through June at least 1 x weekly.

    I am now a true believer in strength training.  As I told you, I “skipped” my strength training each week for all my other races in the past four years since I did not believe 30 to 40 minutes of strength training on Thursday’s would matter much to me. My coach, Allan Bessilink always encouraged me to do strength training as part of my Tri training but since he only asked for 30 to 40 minutes a week, I figured it could not be of much value to me in my races.  I now realize that strength training is needed even if you are training for an Ironman.

    Fred Ramirez – STARRS President


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