<strong>Workouts Improve Outdoor Sports Performance</strong>

Functional Aging

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  1. Workouts Improve Outdoor Sports Performance

    workouts improve sports performance

    Golfing, tennis, running, and other outdoor sports are just as important later in life as they were in our 20s, 30s, and 40s.

    You still want a strong drive on the golf course, a good serve in tennis, and the stamina to enjoy a run.

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    Golfers Are Looking Stronger

    Have you noticed how fit PGA golfers tend to be these days? It’s true even for one legend in his 60s, Greg Norman.

    “I don’t work out to be ego-fit. I work out to be life-fit,” says Norman, who refers to his fitness as a “15th club in my bag.”

    “Focus on core, mobility, and flexibility,” says current star Justin Thomas. He works to stabilize muscles in his abdomen, back, hips, and glutes – key for powerful swings and proper alignment.

    That’s right: Gym time adds yard to your drives.

    ‘Changes in My Body Were Starting’

    Millions of people around the world play tennis regularly, at all ages. They even like to call it “The Sport of a Lifetime.”

    It can add a decade to your life, says a study reported by the Mayo Clinic. That’s a greater gain than from cycling, swimming, or running.

    “Once I hit 50, I could tell changes in my body were starting to happen – and that made me more determined to make sure I stay active,” says Brooke Kline, 53, an educator.

    So, Brooke altered his gym workouts to focus on strength, mobility, and speed.

    Tennis is also fun and social, and it offers these benefits, according to Tennis Canada

    • Better balance, coordination, and agility
    • Increased brain power
    • Weight control
    • Better stamina

    Runners Need Strength, Too

    Resistance training has gained traction among elite runners partly because humans lose muscle mass starting in midlife.

    “My runners that are around 60 might only run three to four days a week and spend the rest of their training time in the gym,” Masters running coach and former Olympian John Henwood told Outside magazine.

    He also says mature runners should use cardio equipment at the gym, like elliptical machines and stair climbers.

    A running-only focus can leave you lacking flexibility and functional diversity that keeps you better able to handle daily life.

    “The more different things you do, the more of an athlete you inherently are,” says physical therapist and author Jay Dicharry.

    That’s true for newer additions, like Nordic walking and pickleball.

    Nordic walking is just walking with ski poles in your hands, making it a good upper-body workout. It’s low impact and easy on the joints.

    And pickleball is taking over the world. It’s like a cross between tennis and ping pong, and it’s particularly popular among people over 50.

    Outdoor sports are fun, social, and good exercise. And working out right helps you enjoy them even more!

  2. Check Out Kristy’s Balance!

    Check out this client’s balance! Real change is marked by the small steps we take every day. It’s a privilege to walk alongside Kristy Hardcastle, whose hard work is definitely paying off. Our clients love us! 

    In her words –

    “Since joining YPB, I no longer wear ankle braces (after relying on braces for over a decade playing tennis; I had two bad sprains on both ankles at different times and was on crutches; ankles tend to roll out quickly). With all the balance exercises, my ankles have strengthened, and I’ve gained the confidence to let go of the braces.

    I can feel my ankles working when doing specific exercises. I have since carried on balance exercises for the kids I teach at tennis as an essential part of our routine stretches and warm-up exercises.

    Because of overuse of my wrists from playing and teaching tennis, there were times I couldn’t use my hand(s) because of pain after exercise. Thanks to YPB’s founder, Lisa Wright, I’ve learned to lessen the load and use different holds on dumbbells and straps. It’s a hook hold.

    I know I’ve gained strength in my wrists from how my recovery is after workouts. Instead of 2-3 days of aching/pain, it’s down to the next day of regular soreness, just like other muscles react after a workout.

    It’s been a long time getting to where I am, but I know I’m improving for the better, even with setbacks throughout the years.

    ~ Kristy Hardcastle

    P.S. Have you had physical setbacks over the years, is your balance declining and pain increasing, and are you over 50 years old and interested in some help? Let YPB help improve your life’s quality by restoring your strength, improving your balance, & reducing your joint pain so you can enjoy your favorite activities. https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day 

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