An Interview with Carla R. Mancari

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  1. An Interview with Carla R. Mancari

    An Interview with Carla R. Mancari

    For Christmas 2011 we gave many of our clients Diet for the Soul in response to the need in many of their lives to find “quiet time”.  As we continuously push our aging client base to be more active and achieve balance in their lives, we also wish encourage them to turn inward where they will find all that will sustain their efforts.

    Sitting twice a day, turning inward and allowing the course vibratory energy of my mind to calm itself has been more important to my health and fitness regime than anything else I have ever done. It is the foundation for living the live that I live and I am so grateful for Carla’s teachings. She is my spiritual guide and I am honored to share this interview with you.
    ~ Lisa


    Your Personal Best Training Studio strives to provide the best information we can for our clients, friends and readers. Industry leader and published author of Diet for the Soul, Carl R. Mancari, recently allowed an interview with us.  A big thank you to her for allowing us to feature this interview as one of our blog posts.

    In your book, Diet for the Soul, who were you targeting, as far as your audience?

    Everyone.  But to be more specific, individuals who are interested in a positive life change.  These areas include discovering their spirituality, building self-esteem and self-confidence and general well being in their daily lives.

    What were some of the main thoughts or ideas you were trying to convey in your book?

    • The Power of the Spiritual Heart Center
    • The Value of the Spiritual Heart Center in your daily life.
    • How just one minute twice-a-day can make a major difference to your life.
    • The importance of loving, caring, and valuing yourself.
    • A better understanding of awareness, individual consciousness, mind, and conditioning.
    • How to make an inner connection in the least amount of time and effort.
    • You are a Beloved Soul Being.
    • Turn within.
    • How to turn within.
    • To convey a feel good experience about you.


    When does a person typically begin to look for a method such as this?

    When it is brought to their attention.


    Where could our boomer-aged clients find additional information on this subject?

    The Minute Method website, author’s email address, radio, magazine interviews, and word of mouth.


    Why would you suggest someone read this book?

    Someone would want to read this based on the ideology of the book, mentioned above.


    How does your methodology fit into a fit and healthy lifestyle?

    An outer fit and healthy lifestyle should not be separated from an inner fit and healthy lifestyle.

    If you are to have a fit and healthy lifestyle you must have a balanced life. A Diet for the Soul: The Minute Method intends that goal.




  2. Body Mind Spirit Connection and Weight Loss

    There are many diets on the market, exercise programs, diet pills, etc…At Your Personal Best Training Studio, one of our core values Unity supports the truth we’ve come to know beyond the body. Simply put, we are not our bodies!

    Do we have a responsibility to our bodies? I believe we do……

    Unlike most blogs I write, this one is the most difficult. We are all spiritual beings on different legs of the same journey. I’ve learned to not push my journey onto another; to just be available should they ask. With this in mind, I will write as simply as I can.

    I would like you to explore the Best-Kept SECRET. This 152 page book written by my spiritual teacher and her student, invites you to access within your own physical form the place where love vibrates, radiates and transforms life’s most true intent.

    We most certainly should exercise, eat right, etc…… this is logical. Beyond logic (the mind) into the Holy depths of our being resides a sacred secret that will affect your relationship with others, with exercise, with food and all things of this world like no other. Nothing will ever make a greater impact on your practical and spiritual life.

    Just as I have learned to exercise daily, eat right, take a bath, brush my teeth, wear my seat belt in a car and a helmet on my bike so I have learned to turn my attention inward twice daily for at the very least a minute each time. The practice of sitting in silence, allowing my thoughts to rise, not dialoguing with them and gently turning back to my heart center over the past almost three years has brought a freedom and peace that I did not know could happen.

    So you want to lose weight? Lighten the mental load first. The Best-Kept SECRET will teach you how and all else will come to you. I promise.

    It is available for purchase.

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