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  1. Small Group Training

    Difference Between Small and Large Group Training

    There are a number of differences between the “small” group training and the “’large” group training models. With small group training, the level of difficulty is increased because each client has individual needs and limitations that we as trainers have to take into consideration. With large group training, most individuals don’t get the undivided attention that they might need if they have a limitation; the large group workouts might not be suited for their specific needs and are more of a “follow-the-leader” type of class.

    Key Factor in Small Group Training

    The key to making small group training work is FLOW.  If flow is done properly then we are able to rotate clients in and out of exercises smoothly and without any problems.

    1. The first thing that we do to plan ahead is evaluate the planned exercises, the number of clients, who the clients are as individuals, and just how long the workout will be.
    2. Next thing we evaluate our client’s limitations, if there are any at all.  At YPB we understand that many of our clients are in a special population which may mean they are either aging, obese, or have some other physical limitations (low back, knee or shoulder conditions, range of motion issues, etc…).
    3. Lastly, we prepare the modified exercise for individual client needs so the overall training time will flow smoothly for the entire group.


    Does Small Group Training Work???

    Yes, small group training is a very effective way to improve on a person’s health, strength, cardio respiratory system, posture, and flexibility.  The reason it is so effective is because each workout is individualized and modified to each person’s needs. At YPB, we have had a number of client success stories and just about all of the clients have shown improvements in at least one area or another. This is why a number of people would prefer small group training over large group training.

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    Small Group Training is FUN!

    With all of that being said, if you are motivated by community, have limitations or just want to change from a “boring” gym routine, then you have come to the right place at Your Personal Best Training Studio.

    Other Considerations…

    Great things about Small Group Training

    Small group training, as oppose to large group, is great for the clients because you will not feel left out during the workouts and you are allowed to go at the pace you feel is best for you.  When you are in larger groups, you are going to the rhythm the instructor has set for you which may not always be suitable for everyone.  If you have limitations, the trainers at YPB can modify any exercise to meet your satisfactions.

    Small Group with Limitations

    Here at YPB, with the knowledge and experience that Lisa has had over the years, we can modify and change any exercise to meet your needs. What is great about these modifications is that we can target the exact muscle we want without putting you or your body at risk to injury. Even if we add small changes to an exercise or do an entirely new one, the results will still be the same in targeting the desired muscle. An injury that someone might have; is NOT a problem for us to work with. Be it your arm, leg, shoulder, back, foot, hand or a strange and awkward injury, we will still be able to work with you as long as YOU can get here and are willing to put in the effort!

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