Coronavirus and Smoking

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  1. Coronavirus and Smoking


    Still Smoking? Coronavirus Is One More Reason to Quit

    Smokers already know the countless reasons they should quit the habit: cancer, emphysema, heart disease, yellow teeth, stinky clothes and on and on.

    Now, as the world struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic, they have even more reason to stop destroying their lungs.

    Research shows the coronavirus is harder on people whose respiratory systems have been damaged by cigarettes, marijuana and vaping.

    “Because it attacks the lungs, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could be an especially serious threat to those who smoke tobacco or marijuana or who vape,” says the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the US National Institute of Health.

    Coronavirus also hits harder against people over 60, so “older” smokers could be at even higher risk.

    Even before Covid-19, smoking led to about 20 percent of the deaths in the US each year; made millions more sick; damaged lungs, hearts, eyes, bones, and caused many cancers and respiratory problems.

    No matter how old you are, you gain many health benefits by quitting, says the National Institute on Aging:

    • Heart rate, blood pressure lower to appropriate levels
    • Taste and smell improve
    • Lungs, heart and circulatory system work better
    • Chances lower you’ll have heart attack, stroke, cancer

    Plus, you’ll save a ton of money.

    Remember that exercise and other healthy habits can help you quit. Talk to your doctor about how to improve your chances, like nicotine gum.

    For more information about quitting, go to,, or other credible medical sources.

  2. 4 Easy Steps to Quit Junk Food

    If only junk food didn’t taste so good, then it would be easier to resist. The reason for its craveable flavor is a specialized balance of sugar, fat, and salt.

    But while it tastes phenomenal…it’s detrimental to your fat loss results.

    You are wondering what exactly classifies as junk food? You’re not alone, especially now that many junk foods are being cleverly marketed and packaged as healthy choices.

    Here’s what classifies junk food:

    • Junk food has little to zero nutritional value
    • Junk food is processed and packaged.
    • Junk food is high in sugar, fat, and salt
    • Junk food is high in calories.
    • You are eating junk food when not even hungry.
    • Soda pop, convenience foods, packaged snacks, frozen treats are all junk food.

    4 Easy Steps to Quit Junk Food

    Imagine being 100% free of junk food for the next 30 days. How would your weight improve? How would you feel? How many empty calories would you save daily? Now let’s take some action!

    Step #1: Get Rid of It

    Step one is simple: get rid of all the junk food that currently resides in your home, office, and car. Go through with a big garbage bag and toss anything that remotely resembles junk food. Remember, junk food is stuff that is high in empty calories.

    Step #2: Stock Up on the Healthy Stuff

    Don’t worry; you aren’t going to starve now that your junk food has been cleared out. Step two is where you go to the store and stock up on delicious, nutritious food that will take the place of the junk food. Nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, hard-boiled eggs, meatballs, and hearty salads or burrito bowls (like the recipe below) are exceptional items to have on hand. You’ll eat less of these healthy snacks since these aren’t empty calories, but rather nutrient-filled calories that will satiate.

    Step #3: HALT!

    When the next craving strikes you, tell yourself to HALT! This word is a handy acronym. Ask yourself, “Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?”

    • Hungry, then reach for one of the healthy snacks from step two.
    • Angry, then explore the issue and seek resolution.
    • Lonely, then reach out to a friend, instead of reaching for junk food.
    • Tired, then make the time to grab a nap or get to bed early to catch up on sleep.

    Step #4: Stick With It

    The first day that you go without junk food will be the hardest day. The second day will be a smidge more comfortable. The third day will be even more relaxed than the second and so on.

    The fact is that your taste buds adjust to the foods that you exist on. When you fill your diet is with junk foods, then that is what your taste buds will crave, but as you shift to a diet filled with fresh, nutritious food, then your taste buds will forget all about that old junk food. Stick with it, one day at a time, and you will break free from the grip of junk food addiction.

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