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Functional Aging

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  1. Here’s a new perspective…

    Do you exercise with the hopes of reaching a specific number on the scale? Or are you wishing to fit into a particular size dress or jeans? While having a goal is great, it will NOT ensure your success.

    Consider how many people you know who have had a specific weight that they wanted to reach. You are likely one of them. This number might have been posted up on a sticky note on the fridge, reminding you to watch what you eat and consistently make it to the gym. Maybe this number was updated and recorded every day, to enforce accountability.

    How long did that last? A week? Two weeks? Statistics dictate that it likely didn’t last longer than a few weeks until that “goal number” began to fade from your life. Then you took it down off the fridge, or you stared at it defiantly as you reached for the off-limits food. You began to look at your goal number as an adversary rather than something enjoyable.

    I’m going to clue you in on a new perspective that may help you when it comes to fitness, fat loss, and achieving any goal. Read on; this one is worthwhile.


    What I just said may go against everything you’ve come to believe about achieving a goal, but then, your techniques haven’t correctly been working. The number that you’re hoping to be one day doesn’t matter one bit, and here’s why.


    Can you remember how it felt the last time that you ate clean, exercised hard and got adequate sleep for a few consecutive days? A feeling of momentum came over you, didn’t it? There was a buzzing in your cells and a rhythm in your pace. You felt alive, you felt healthy, and you felt empowered. Never mind that you weren’t yet at your goal number, you were almost there!

    Getting down to your goal weight, and fitting into your goal size, is the direct result of living in that state of momentum for an extended period. You see, the energy can be felt immediately, once you start eating clean, exercising hard and taking care of your health, whereas that “goal number” just can’t be felt until you achieve, and so it’s not as powerful a motivator.

    My challenge and advice to you is to find the joy of living in the momentum and keep that momentum going until your goal number is your new NOW! Focus only on the energy of moving forward, not on the figure on the scale.

    Fitness is a way of life. Being lean is a lifestyle. Neither of which can be had by going about it halfheartedly.

    You have to become the momentum.

    Call or email me today, and we will get your momentum started on the exercise program that will bring your body back to it’s personal best, once and for all!

  2. Today is a big deal

    You woke up this morning and began making choices.

    You chose whether or not to exercise, to eat a healthy breakfast, or to do something productive. Or, you chose whether or not to eat that donut, to sleep in, or to watch an extra hour of TV.

    At the end of each day the sum of your choices pushes you in a direction.


    It could be pushing you in the direction of fitness and health, if your choices were predominantly wholesome.

    Or the sum of your choices could be pushing you in the direction of weight gain, health issues and problems.

    I find this perspective to be helpful when it comes to making a major body transformation. It’s tempting to feel helpless in changing your body. Especially, when you have so many pounds to lose and so much work to do.

    Maybe you’re over 50 years old and have limitations that slow you down even more and there’s no way it can all be done in a short amount of time. There’s even the thought, “Why bother”?

    However, by capturing the power of each day by making wholesome choices, you will be pushed in the direction of fat loss and a healthier you day after day, week after week.

    Until one day you’ll look in the mirror and see that you’ve arrived at your ultimate destination; a leaner, healthier and more vibrant you who is able to MOVE better, you FEEL better and you just know you are NOW aging actively.

    So embrace the power of each choice that you make today. Allow a momentum of good choices to push you through to your goal.


    Today is a big deal. It is all you have.

    Make the most of today.

    If you’re not yet one of my prized clients then make the excellent choice to call or email me today to get started on a functional fitness program for the over 50 crowd that will supercharge your momentum towards the best version of yourself.

    Let’s do this!

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