Gratitude and Keeping an Open Mind

Functional Aging

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  1. Gratitude and Keeping an Open Mind

    This past year, my training studio celebrated the success of 70 of my clients, their guests and my staff in a couple of client appreciation luncheons.

    It was great to see everyone in real clothes laughing and sharing a meal together.

    I presented the cover of my new book while we were together and reserved a copy as a gift for everyone in attendance. It occurred to me how blessed I am because of them and how much I am growing into the woman I believe God wants me to be.

    Keeping an Open Mind

    Things usually work out for me when I approach my physical, mental and spiritual well-being with an open mind. Miracles have not happened in my life overnight; it has taken years to create the happy, joyous and free situation in which I find myself today.
    For my own good, I must approach my well-being with an open mind, ready to receive and to accept new ideas. Then, for my own good I must apply these ideas to my life.

    Listening and Learning

    If I approach my well-being with a tightly closed mind, ready to criticize what I hear, it is as though I am holding a teaspoon under Niagara Falls in an effort to quench my thirst.
    On most days I keep myself receptive and listen. I used to be quick to judge and say: “Yes, but my case is so different.” The details of my situation may have differed, but basically my story is the same as any of yours who struggle now or have struggled with making a change in your life.

    Many days I must cling to this one thought: My well-being CAN change – If I give it a chance.

    A Change of Desire

    Of myself, my very best thinking caused some of my worse physical conditions, emotional drama and spiritual despair. I thought I could change according to my desires, but when solutions came, I found it was my desire that had changed.
    I make progress daily if I pick up even one small new idea that I hear or that I read. Things have often not worked out in my life the way I wanted them to, but as my point of view changed, what I thought I wanted changed as well. My ultimate contentment is no longer as dependent on having things work out my way.

    My hope for today is to always offer a healing helpful message to all who care to listen. I pray to be able to hear the good in all that you say to me as well. Many of my clients allowed me to share their video testimonials at these luncheons. So it’s not just me, it’s a “WE” who are changing lives one body at a time.

    If you find yourself in desire of change today and I can help in anyway, please call. My cell is 361-549-4604. My staff and I are said to be the best Fitness Professionals and Functional Aging Specialists in the Coastal Bend. We know a bit about changing bodies for the better.


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