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  1. One Minute Fitness

    A Heart Centered Prayer Practice

    By Lisa Wright, CFT, LCI
    Spiritual Teacher/Guide

    Fitness in a minute or less, two times per day – it’s true!
    What mental talk is keeping you from your fitness? Are you too busy or tired? Is it too hot/cold, too much money or too much trouble? Do you even care anymore? Or maybe you’re just waiting for the time to be right, or you will when______; the list goes on and on. Find a quiet place. Sometimes the bathroom is the best I can do!

    A. Sit comfortably upright; feet on floor; head, neck, and spine aligned. If you prefer, sit on a cushion on the floor. Close your eyes, and rest hands on your lap. Slowly, inhale deeply, and exhale, relaxing your entire body. Continue to breathe normally.
    B. Consciously become aware of your *Spiritual Heart Center (center of chest, in the area of your sternum) and rest in awareness.
    C. If thoughts or sensations rise, do not dialogue, converse, engage, nor respond to their rising (your attention is already there). Allow them to rise, and again just gently become aware of your Spiritual Heart Center.

    Continue the practice in this manner. No matter how often thoughts, emotions or any of the senses rise, gently again become aware of your Spiritual Heart Center. At the end of your silent prayer period, take a few moments to become consciously aware of the mental and physical senses before returning to normal activity.

    *This is not your beating heart rather that same place where you may have
    experienced great joy, or pain or that part of your chest that squeezes when you feel great love.

    Why does this work?
    In one minute of not dialoguing with mental chatter, emotions or sensations, you actually
    give your mind a rest. A mini vacation one might say. The chaotic vibrating energy from a night of dreaming and a day at school or work may have a chance to become finer and may create a sense of calm. In a minute or less, when you rest in awareness of your Spiritual Heart Center, you may touch that instant of eternity that is timeless.
    One minute or twenty minutes, let the prayer expand itself. Twice per day, as a practice of repetition, show up, sit down and let the prayer do you. Just as in exercise, there will not be two times that will be the same. Do not judge this practice.

    How is this exercise?
    Just like exercise, this is a practice. Your determined purpose in doing this practice will help clear mental chatter that keeps giving you reasons for not taking care of your physical form

    Want to get fit? Begin from within! You already possess everything you need:

    Not enough time? Eternity is timeless

    ·         Want more energy: stop dialoguing with the courser vibrating energy, it’s heavy and tiring.
    ·         In your Heart Center temperature is not an issue
    ·         It doesn’t cost anything and all things will be added unto you.
    ·         Your deepest essence IS caring – stop denying it!
    ·         The time IS now!
    [1]Reverend Sandy Casey-Martus, MEd, MTS and Carla Mancari, MEd, The Lessons Vol. I and The Best Kept Secret (Wheatmark). AVAILABLE SOON: Carla Mancari,MEd, Eco-You: Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life and A Diet For The Soul: The Minute Method (WestBow Press 2011).


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