When Neuropathy Threatened Her Hobby, She Beat It Back with Exercise

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  1. When Neuropathy Threatened Her Hobby, She Beat It Back with Exercise

    Donna Gardiner loves to hike, especially in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where her sister lives.

    Three years ago, Donna broke her ankle on a hike. That’s when doctors discovered she has neuropathy – weakness, and numbness due to nerve damage – in most of her legs. Doctors told her they couldn’t regrow the nerves, but Donna was determined not to let the condition get the best of her.

    She decided to start exercising and visited some of the large, chain gyms near her Cypress home. But they were crowded with young hard bodies and trainers telling her to lift as much weight as possible. She left frustrated.

    “I had to do something,” she recalls.

    What Is Neuropathy?

    About 30 million Americans have “peripheral neuropathy,” according to the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy. Men get it a bit more than women, and the risk is higher for mature adults.

    Neuropathy refers to disorders due to damage to the nervous system. Numbness and pain can occur, particularly in the feet and hands. It has a range of causes, such as diabetes, traumatic injury, inflammatory infections, protein abnormalities, poor nutrition, exposure to toxic chemicals, and others.

    “The best way to prevent peripheral neuropathy is to manage medical conditions that put you at risks, such as diabetes, alcoholism or rheumatoid arthritis,” says the Mayo Clinic.

    Regular exercise and proper diet also help prevent it. And even after diagnosis, exercise can help reduce the pain of neuropathy and help fight other symptoms. Fitness also can improve muscle strength and help control blood sugar levels. Other lifestyle factors play a role, including proper nutrition, rest, giving up smoking, and excessive drinking.

    Early diagnosis is important. See your doctor if you experience symptoms of neuropathy like the gradual onset of numbness or tingling in your feet and hands; extreme sensitivity to touch; lack of coordination and falling; and muscle weakness.

    How Functional Fitness Helped

    Donna doesn’t know what caused her neuropathy. But she knows what finally helped.

    After that frustrating experience with big gyms, a friend referred her to a studio (much like ours), Evolution Fitness & Wellness in May 2018. Donna has been in small group training sessions ever since.

    “I loved it and saw results almost immediately,” says Donna, now 62. “I couldn’t do jumping jacks or walk a straight line when I started.  I couldn’t even pick my grandbaby up off the floor.”

    Her success is an inspiration to others at the studio, says Evolution owner Jackie Bachmeier. “Donna applies the benefits of her training program in almost all that she does.”

    Donna’s training has given her upper-body strength, her balance has improved, and she’s able to enjoy the activities of daily living more. That includes picking up the baby, and Donna has hiking trips planned over the next several months.

    “I am aware of my limitations and what I can do to help – because of what they’ve taught me,” she says. “It’s fun. It’s positive. I wasn’t going to stop walking!”

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    MYSELF is who I depend on. Plain and simple, and that’s very empowering. Creating any life I want in this world is freedom for me; I just have to have a plan to get there and allow my Higher Power to manage the agenda.

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    Dr. Hodges came to Corpus Christi to present Conservative Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Dementia and Tips on Optimal Brain Health Thru Exercise and Ketones.

    We learned how to improve our brain health thru exercise and nutrition with neurologist, Deborah Hodges. She has been practicing neurology for 18 years currently in San Antonio and previously in Corpus Christi. She specializes in headache medicine but sees all neurological conditions.

    It is resources like this one that’ll help you take real control over your wealth and health in the future.

    I see too many clients who are missing out on a massive amount of changing the situation of their health because they are not tapping into the “right” combination of exercise and nutrition.

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    I lost my Dad in January this year and have a personal interest in forms of dementia and the aging body. I attended Deborah’s seminar in September 2016 for my own information and just know what she presents will interest you.

    She is a very soft sell on some products that can help you with managing the ketones part of the nutrition that I have only sampled at this point. Her information was so solid I’ve been experimenting on my own with the information she provided.

    For example; butter and coconut oil in my coffee to introduce good fats to my brain first thing in the morning.

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