November Thoughts & 3 Week Extras

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  1. November Thoughts & 3 Week Extras

    3 Week Extras –

    Perform 100 rope jumps during 2 minutes of your usual “rest” time.  Add a penalty of 3 rope jumps for each rope jump shorted (if any) – AFTER the workout. IOW (In Other Words), if you only get 50 of the prescribed 100, you are to add 150 rope jumps after the workout.

    General Thoughts for November:

    CaptureWe’ve only a few weeks until the holiday season tries to take over our life. From this moment until about the week of Thanksgiving you’ll have a chance to off-set some of your “cheat” eating. But you MUST focus.

    We challenge you to give some deliberate effort to your nutrition and exercise for the next 3 weeks. We’ll help you! Starts to focus today!

    TODAY, we challenge you to:

    1. Clean up your worst meal. If you “cheat” eat at dinner – STOP cheating! Stop it NOW! Choose a “healthy meal” that you know will serve you. Here are some ideas on meals (from breakfast to dinner selections). Plan your meals ahead. If you blow it and don’t eat the “healthy meal” you intended to eat, make a rule right now that you can only eat a single protein bar or shake for that meal NEXT time. That’s it, NOTHING else!  Drink all the water you need.

    2. Do the 3 week extras. For the next 3 weeks we’ll post some extras on our Facebook site for you to do. These will be aimed toward increasing your over-all fitness.

    3. POST your comments! Let’s try this. We are more successful with community support. Community cannot happen without communication. If you accept our challenges, please indicate that you are out there daily. Just add a little comment of accountability, or of encouragement, or of whatever you feel would add to the collective community in positive ways.

    We’ll see you at the studio and/or in the comments!


  2. Semi Group Training Workout 1

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, many of our clients enjoy training in small groups of 2 -4 people called SEMIs. These workouts are typically divided into 20 minute segments and may run from 30 minutes to one hour.
    Workout week 1 focuses on building stamina, strength, as well as core stability. You must warm-up before starting with this routine and stretch afterwards if you want to get the best results.
    Workout 1 will be performed 3 x before we progress our clients to workout 2. Starting with 15-20 reps of each exercise moving we will move from one to the next with minimal rest between exercises (by minimal we mean 2-3 seconds). After one full circuit is complete, an optional rest for 60 seconds is included then circuit is repeated two more times.
    The first 6 exercises are more of a warm up or where we start beginners. The last 6 are for intermediates to advanced clients. We choose and progress exercises according to the fitness level of our clients.
    • Pushups from knees – Keep shoulders down and belly button draw in.
    • Bodyweight squats – Keep head up and shoulders back. No bending over at the waist.
    • Jumping Jacks – Stay light on the feet.
    • Opposite Arm Opposite Leg Raise – Take arm out at an angle a bit, squeeze butt, and keep belly button drawn in.
    • Lateral Bag Kick with bar – Option to hang on to lightweight body bar for support.
    • Bridge (Plank) on elbows – Draw belly button in and keep head and shoulders relaxed.
    • Standing Chest Press with Cables – Stagger the feet for better support and draw the belly button in to stabilize.
    • Squat with Supra Band – Keep head up, elbows high, and shoulders back. No bending over at the waist.
    • Jump Rope (side to side) – Stay light on the feet
    • Cable Lat Pull downs – Keep palms facing down or in, relax the head, squeeze butt, and keep belly button draw in.  
    • Banded Ankle Walks – Stick butt out a bit to target glutes more. Keep head and shoulders up.
    • Belly Blaster – Draw belly button in and keep head and shoulders relaxed.

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