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  1. Month of Lunges

    forward lunge

    Whether you’re looking for a tighter rear, leaner legs or firmer thighs, the lunge challenge may be your gateway to a stronger lower body.

    The lunge is designed to work all the major muscles in the lower body—primarily the quadriceps, but also the glutes, hamstrings and calves. The lunge is 100 percent excuse free because you don’t need any equipment or special apparel. All you need is a little motivation, direction and structure to reach results.


    Every day for 30 days do 100 lunges and as many split jumps as you can. To keep this challenge interesting and well balanced, here’s a break down:

    • 30 Forward Lunges (15 each leg)
    • 20 Right Side Lunges
    • 20 Left Side Lunges
    • 30 Reverse Lunges (15 each leg)
    • Split Jumps: Do as many you can

    You don’t have to do these exercises all at once every day. Squeeze in 20 to 30 when you can. But at least once a week, do all 100 at once and keep a record of your time on your tracker (see below). This will help you measure your strength.

    The idea isn’t to beat yourself into exhaustion day after day. Regular body abuse will hinder growth and progression. But by the end of the challenge you want to be able to say to yourself: “On day one of this challenge I did five split jumps and today I did 25!”

    That’s astronomical growth and something to be really proud of.



    • Watch this video tutorial for safety tips.
    • Pick your start date and write it in your calendar.
    • Enlist support by forwarding this to a friend or give to your trainer. A workout partner makes the challenge a little easier and more fun.
    • Download and print your 1 Month of Lunges and sign up for our
    • Get social for more support and motivation. ‘Like’ our FaceBook Fan Page if you haven’t already ( and follow us on Twitter.
    • Write down your progress each day in your calendar.


    forward lunge

    Forward Lunge

    1. Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed. Find a point to stare at straight ahead and keep your neck straight, chin up.
    2. Consciously engage your core to help with your balance.
    3. Step forward and lower the knee until you have a 90-degree angle and your knee is directly above your foot.
    4. Keep the weight in your heels and push yourself back up to your starting position. Continue the up and down movement until you reach 15 lunges on the first leg. Then switch sides.

    side lunge

    Side Lunge

    1. Follow the forward lunge steps, but take a large step to the right or left instead of forward.
    2. Again, make sure the knee does not extend past your foot and keep the other leg relatively straight.

    Reverse Lunge

    Follow the forward lunge steps, but take a step backwards instead of forward. When in position, this lunge looks exactly the same as a forward lunge. Backward movement challenges your balance and is easier on your knees.

    Split Jump

    This is a plyometric and cardio move—and is somewhat advanced. Follow the forward lunge steps, but instead of the up and down movement you jump and switch legs. Try to do as many as you can.


    1. Make sure to use proper form, take your time, and stay focused. If you feel pressure on your knees, then take a smaller step to reduce the range of motion.
    2. If your knees still give you trouble, then limit the number of lunges. Talk to a YPB Fitness Professional and have them review your form and make recommendations.
    3. Listen to your body. If you are in severe pain, then back off!

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