Being a Grandparent is WAY More Fun When You’re Fit

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  1. Being a Grandparent is WAY More Fun When You’re Fit

    The holidays are an excellent opportunity for “quality time” between grandparents and grandkids. And that includes physical activity. In fact, all year long, people over 50 say that being strong for their grandchildren is their No. 1 reason for staying fit – or for wanting to get fit in the first place.

    Being an active grandparent requires physical ability – strength, endurance, and flexibility – that you can build in a gym or studio. You want to be able to enjoy each other and make memories together. And playtime, exercise, and other activities can do all that while showing them that even “older” people are fun and engaged in life.

    When the grandchild is an infant, you’ll want to get down on the floor and back up again. As the kids grow and get heavier, you’ll pick them up and carry them around. By the time they can run, they want Grandma and Grandpa to play outside.

    Be a loving leader and get them away from screens to engage in creative play. You don’t even have to tell them it’s exercise, although it’s suitable for older ones and teens.

    We’ll help you gain confidence with strong legs, back, core, glutes, and more. We’re here to help, so come tell us about your special little ones, and we’ll get you in shape for all kinds of things like:

    • Visiting a playground to swing, climb and explore.
    • Hiking in a neighborhood or out of town on a trail. Look for certain wildlife or birds. Play “I Spy with My Little Eye” or scavenger hunt games.
    • Bicycling – As they keep growing, think of the special times you’ll have riding together.
    • Snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling – Don’t let winter keep you inside. Bundle up, stay safe, and have fun.
    • Skating – Roller-skating at a rink or on your sidewalk, plus ice skating in the winter.
    • Working out – If you’ve walked them to gymnastics practice, sneak in your workout if possible. If they’re old enough, bring them with you here.
    • Running in a local 5k “turkey trot.”
    • Tossing the football or frisbee in the backyard or park.
    • Playing sports with them, whether it’s tennis, golf, basketball or anything. Introduce them to yoga; even little ones will be intrigued with the fun names like “downward dog,” “cat pose,” and “warrior pose.”
    • Dancing around the house.
    • Volunteering in the community. It’s good for your physical and emotional health and will help the child learn about civic responsibility and generosity.
    • Reading might not be a physical activity, but it reduces stress, helps us calm down and focus, and improves early learning, vocabulary, empathy, and connections. Who doesn’t want to snuggle on the couch with a book and a kid?

    With so many fun, healthy activities to share, it’s no wonder that our grandchildren are our No. 1 reason for wanting to be fit after 50. And even if you don’t have any, these are all good things to do alone or with anyone of any age. If you want to continue to enjoy your time with your grandchildren and stay active, try our 21-day strength and longevity program and see results guaranteed!

  2. Success Story: She’s Living Proof about Fat Loss after 50


    Denise Wehrkamp is living proof that fat loss after 50 is possible – if you stick with the program of exercising and eating right. 

    Denise, 56, always struggled with her weight, trying to diet but frequently falling off the track. At age 50, she was 50 pounds overweight. Then, her son, CJ, opened a gym, and her doctor diagnosed her with arthritis. That was enough to make her change her ways, join CJ’s gym, and get her eating under control. Denise now manages that gym, a Fit Body Boot Camp that offers Functional Aging Institute-backed exercise programs for people over 55. She’s lost 40 pounds so far and says she’d like to lose another 20, but she knows not to focus on the weight as much as the body fat.“We have to program our brains to not worry about the number on the scale,” she says.

    Here are some other ways Denise is winning the fight against fat:

    • Realistic discipline: “I know I have to work out, even when I don’t want to. I’m continuing to work on being healthy.”
    • Modify exercises to meet individual needs and limitations: “Every exercise out there is modifiable so that anybody can do it.”
    • No time for excuses: “I have empathy, absolutely, but I don’t care much for excuses” about being too old to exercise.
    • Moderation in the kitchen: “I eat more protein. But I am a carb eater. I love pasta, and I love bread. I don’t buy it. And I plan my cheat meals. There’s nothing in the world you can’t eat” on occasion.

    The Functional Aging Training (FAT) model is now embraced globally with Your Personal Best Training Studio on the cutting edge of this research. We are the only entire team of Functional Aging Specialists in the Coastal Bend area of Texas. If you aren’t local, find a Certified FAS near you.

  3. Are Your Children or Grandchildren Educated About Healthy Living?

    With Corpus Christi previously nominated as one of the fattest cities in America, it is important that we educate our kids about healthy living.  Education is paramount if we are to help the next generation make healthier eating and lifestyle decisions.  Use the 10 tips below to help educate your children about making healthier choices.  Give them the link below and ask them to test their knowledge.

    1. Food is Fun… Enjoy your food

    Sharing a meal with family and friends at home or at school is a great way to enjoy food. It is fun to see other people’s choice of food – what sandwich fillings do others have? Have you tried having a different filling every day? Check out your lunch box or dinner plate. How many different kinds of fruit and vegetables can you spot?

    2. Breakfast is a very important meal

    Our bodies always need energy, and after a night’s sleep, energy levels are low. Cars, buses and trains cannot run without fuel. So, whether you are off to school, or out and about at the weekend, start the day with breakfast. Plenty of carbohydrates is just the ticket: try cereal with semi-skimmed milk, fruit or yoghurt, toast or bread, perhaps with lean meats.

    3. Eat lots of different foods every day, variety is the recipe for health

    You need over 40 different kinds of vitamins and minerals every day for good health. Since there is no single food that contains them all, it is important to balance your daily choices. In fact there are no good or bad foods, so you do not need to miss out on the foods you enjoy. The best way to make sure you get the right balance is to eat a wide variety of foods each day.

    4. Which group would you tip for the top? Base your food on carbohydrates

    Many people don’t eat enough carbohydrate foods, such as cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. At least half the calories in your diet should come from these foods, so it is a good idea to include at least one of these at every meal. Try whole-grain bread, pasta and other cereals to give you extra fiber. Have you tried baking your own bread? It’s good fun and smells wonderful!

    5. Gimme five! Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal and as tasty snacks!

    Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. We should all try to eat 6-10 servings a day. For example, a glass of fruit juice at breakfast, perhaps an apple and banana as snacks and three vegetables at meal times then you have already reached your total. How many different kinds can you spot in the supermarket?  Why not try some new ones?

    6. Fat facts. Too much saturated fat is not good for your health

    Eating too many of those tasty, fatty foods (such as butter, spreads, fried meats and sausages, pies and pastries) might not always be so good for your body. So remember, a big helping of potatoes, but go easy on the butter. Although we need some fats to get all the nutrients we need, it is better for our health if we don’t eat too much of these foods and get knocked off balance. So, if you have a high-fat lunch, choose a low-fat dinner.

    7. Snack attack! Eat regularly and choose a variety of snacks

    Even if you eat regular meals during the day, there will still be times in between that you feel hungry, especially if you have been very physically active. Snacks can fill the gap, but should not be eaten in place of meals, only as an extra. There are lots of different snacks available. Your choice may be a yogurt,  nuts and other packet snacks. On other occasions, you may prefer a sandwich, some fresh or dried fruits, or perhaps sticks of vegetables like carrots and celery. Whichever snack you enjoy, remember it is always good to include a variety of different types to keep things in balance.

    8. Quench your thirst. Drink plenty of liquids

    Did you know that more than half of your weight is just water? So as well as giving your body all the food it needs each day to keep healthy, you need at least 5 glasses of liquids a day. It is particularly important if the weather is very hot or if you have done lots of exercise, to have plenty to drink to prevent dehydration. Usually – but not always – your body will tell you this, by making you feel thirsty. Plain tap water is great of course, but bottled water, fruit juices, tea milk and so on, can all be okay too.

    9. Care for those teeth! Brush your teeth at least twice a day

    Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Eating foods high in sugar or starches too often during the day can play a part in tooth decay. So don’t nibble foods and sip drinks all day long! However, the best way to keep a nice smile is to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Also, after brushing your teeth at bedtime, don’t eat any food, or drink anything but water!

    10. Get moving! Be active every day

    Just like a bike may become rusty if it is not used for some time, our muscles and bones need to be kept moving too. Activity is needed to keep your heart healthy and your bones strong. It can also be good fun. Try to include some form of activity every day: it may be just walking to school and running up the stairs. However, games like skipping and football at break times are good for giving the body a workout. Swimming is a particularly good sport for keeping you healthy.

    Take this short trivia quiz that will help educate and dispel some of the myths that kids have about nutrition.

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