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    Must-Have Equipment for Your Dream Home Gym

    What equipment do you imagine having in your home to exercise with? Which items would add the most challenge and variety to your workouts with your trainer?

    One of our favorite organizations, IDEA’s members, authors, presenters and fitness professionals (at large) were surveyed and polled about equipment they couldn’t live without. Here, we present (in no particular order) some must-have pieces of equipment for your successful home gym.


    Dumbbells are the workhorses of the fitness world. We believe they are destined to remain a fitness mainstay. If you don’t have a selection of dumbbells, it may be time to pick up a set. Compared with other pieces of equipment, dumbbells are fairly inexpensive offering a large variety of exercise possibilities. Dumbbells are also an easy way to track progress, by comparing your starting dumbbell weight with your current weight.

    Pull-Up Bar  

    Pull-ups can be daunting and scary and there are many ways to add a pulling component to your home gym. A pull-up bar, of some sort, takes up very little space, and without the pull-up bar, you’re missing out on two of the most important patterns: pulling and rowing. A pull-up bar also makes a great anchor point for any exercise bands you may already possess.



    Body Weight Leverage Training

    Equipment like the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ might also take care of the need for a pull-up bar, at least in the beginning stages of building your home gym. The concept is simple: Attach the device to an anchor point like a tree branch or your pull-up bar and use gravity and your own body weight to get a challenging full-body workout.

    “Suspension Training® can be a home gym owner’s dream come true. For under $200, this piece of equipment can be used for cardio, strength and flexibility. It doesn’t need much space, and when bagged and stowed, it takes less space than a pair of shoes.


    Sandbags aren’t just for protecting against rising waters. Sandbags offer trainers and their client’s tremendous versatility. “Sandbag training can be used for corrective exercises and for teaching people—in 30 seconds or less—to squat properly.

    What should you look for in a sandbag? Consider vinyl options that are less abrasive to the skin and can be easily cleaned. Whether or not the manufacturer offers education could factor into your purchase.


    Balance Trainers

    Balance trainers come in various forms—half-balls, balance and wobble boards, disks and sponge pads. We prefer the BOSU® Balance Trainer. This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment at our training studio. This one product allows you to train with dynamic or static moves, standing, seated, kneeling, side-lying, prone or supine. Training three-dimensionally is of utmost importance when you are striving to instill better movement mechanics before adding load. With the Balance Trainer you have access to cardio, strength and core [training], as well as a comfortable, assisting platform for many stretches, and all the while you are improving balance and coordination. If we could have only one thing, it would be a Balance Trainer.



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