Don’t Let Bone Ailments Prevent Training

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  1. Don’t Let Bone Ailments Prevent Training


    These Women Show Bone Ailments Don’t Have to Prevent Online Training

    Aurilla Woodburn has always been outdoorsy, active and strong. So, when she was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago, she didn’t hesitate to start regular resistance training in a fitness studio to improve her bones and muscles.

    And with the coronavirus recently closing that studio to in-person exercise, Aurilla, now 71, wasn’t about to let that stop her, either.

    “It’s just a matter of getting down and doing it,” she says. “It’s fun – and I have worked hard.”

    Aurilla, who lives in Denver, is like millions of people around the world over age 50 who have begun online training recently. They’re not sacrificing their strength, stamina and balance because of coronavirus quarantines or their own reluctance about using technology.

    Fitness studios, gyms, and trainers are doing everything possible to keep their clients safe, active, in shape, and connected. “Here at YPB Training Studio, we are doing everything possible!”

    Aurilla’s trainer, Holly Benson, leads a special class for women over 60 with osteoporosis. The training began in Holly’s studio and now continues via Zoom.

    “It’s simple and basic, and it’s community-building as much as it is training,” says Holly, a  veteran fitness leader.

    The ailment affects 200 million women worldwide, including about a tenth of women over 60, with that percentage increasing with age. It affects some 75 million people in Europe the US and Japan. Men get it, too – with 20 percent of men over 50 experiencing osteoporotic fractures.

    Strength training is a mainstay of protecting and improving bones.

    Holly focuses on bones, balance and the psychological benefits of exercise, including the social aspect that’s so valuable during the COVID-19 crisis. She uses resistance bands, small Pilates balls, a steadying stick, and other common items.

    She says her online training is cautious but effective. It’s especially important for “older” people with osteoporosis to stay strong so they remain confident and able to resist falling. “Our strength training follows the protocols for maintaining bone density. We work on dynamic balance including agility and power.”

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio, we are experts at training people with osteoporosis and other similar issues. We are here to help keep you strong, healthy and safe during this time and after. Here’s a little information or phone number. We can share tips to help you feel confident about exercising at home. Do you want to add a line or two about safety? That’s up to you, of course. You could make suggestions about using a support item, like a cane or chair; make sure you have everyone’s address and emergency contact information, etc.

    Holly had a few practice sessions on Zoom to help everyone get familiar with the online video platform. It lets her see all of her clients and provide individual coaching. And just as important, it lets them all see each other, which they enjoy.

    “I love to see my friends on there and say hi,” says Jean Martinka, 64, who made new friends through the class locally since moving a few years ago from Michigan. “I wouldn’t want to give it up now. I still want somebody watching me – and the interaction with others.”

    Aurilla Woodburn agrees. She got over her dislike for technology a few years ago when her granddaughter was born. Seeing the baby was more important.

    Now so are staying healthy and socially connected, too.

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