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Functional Aging

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  1. A Precious Asset

    When most people think of assets going into retirement they think of real estate, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

    But did you know BY FAR your most precious asset is your health?

    Let me explain…..

    What we now know is that most disease that the majority of the population think are “age-related” like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s actually don’t have as much to do with age as we once thought.

    In fact, we now know through research that 75% of these diseases are caused by lifestyle factors. This means you can literally put them off until the very end of your life…..

    Yet most people spend the majority of their last 25-35 years worried about their financial state and pay advisors large sums of money but are sometimes reluctant to do the same for their health!

    It’s doesn’t have to be this way.

    You can make your next decade better than your last one!

    BUT you must begin doing the right things in order to do so.

    Things like…..

    • Functional Strength Training
    • Functional Cardiovascular Training
    • Proper Balance, Coordination, and Proprioception Training
    • Proper Lifestyle Nutrition

    Those are the things we coach our clients here at Your Personal Best Training Studio. By doing these things our clients are able to protect their most precious asset because now their families don’t have to be as concerned with long term care in the immediate future or worrying about mom and dad on a daily or weekly basis.

    Plus, they are able to enjoy tons of quality time with their grandkids, they’re able to hit the golfball further, work in their gardens longer, travel with ease and comfort, and take on each day with more energy, strength, and stamina.

    We want to help you protect your most precious asset too!

    Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of fitness this year.

    We are offering our 21 Day Fitness Transformation in -house and on-line, for only $97 where we’ll be donating 100% of the profits to local kids in need right here on the Coastal Bend.

    So call us at 361-857-5087 for more info and any questions you might have.

    With our 21 Day Fitness Transformation program you’ll get the following…..

    9 Small Group Personal Training Sessions (over the 21 days)

    Interview-with-Dan-and-Lisa.PNGThese sessions are small and best of all are led by our Functional Aging Specialists. As FAI Specialists this means they are uniquely certified to work with folks over 50 despite any past surgeries, health issues or current fitness level.

    Here is an interview I did with FAI Co-Founder, Dan Ritchie, that addresses a question we get so often. What EXACTLY makes your program different from the other gyms in town? Watch this video for the answers.

    28 Day Eating Plan

    This eating plan requires NO DIETING or large changes to your current dietary plan. Instead, we’ll work with you and show you how to implement some very key habits that will still allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods but still get the results you’re looking for.

    Safe, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere

    This is the hallmark of our program! What you’ll find when you walk through our doors brick and mortar or on-line) is a welcoming, safe, and fun atmosphere with a staff that is eager to serve you and walk you through our program every step of the way. You’ll be part of our private Facebook group where others just like you will have social interaction, support and plenty of challenges to have you feeling better than ever!

    FREE Copy Of My Book Your Personal Best

    With your program you’ll get your very own signed copy of my book “Your Personal” which is all about showing you how to  turn back the clock, reverse the so called “aging process”, and get ready for your best years yet! This book is a perfect primer on how we do things here at Your Personal Best Training Studio and will inspire you look at your next 20-30 years in a whole new way!

    DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

    You see, my parents taught me that your word is your bond. So, if you get on board with our 21 Day Fitness Transformation Program and if you’re not fully satisfied with your experience I’ll refund DOUBLE your money! That’s how confident this program can help you get stronger, leaner, and remain independent for decades to come!

    If you’re over 50 I truly believe your BEST years are still ahead of you! But ONLY if you’re taking the right steps and doing the right things.

    Make the next 20 or 30 years better than your last!

    Call us at 361-857-5087 to get more info for our 21 Day Holiday Fitness Transformation and help local kids in need this Christmas!

    It’ a WIN-WIN!

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Your Personal Best Training Studio
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Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 857-5087 info@ypbtrainingstudio.com