Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Medicine

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  1. Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Medicine

    Chiropractic medicine focuses on musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Care is directed mainly at reducing back, neck and joint pain, as well as headaches.  Chiropractic medicine offers numerous benefits to patients, including drug-free treatment for

    chronic and acute pain that is both safe and effective. It also focuses on hands-on therapeutic procedures, rehabilitative exercises, and nutritional and lifestyle changes. Most ailments are treated with a procedure called spinal manipulation, which helps to restore joint mobility through the use of controlled forced directed at hypo-mobile joints. Effective manipulation relieves pain, decreases muscle tension, and allows the healing of damaged tissues to take place.

    The benefits of chiropractic care have been experienced by many.  Some benefits extend beyond musculoskeletal and different people who suffer from these illnesses experience varying results as well:

    • For pregnant women, they are able to deliver much easier.
    • For babies, they have improved developmental abilities and prevent the possibility of acquiring scoliosis.
    • For kids, it helps prevent asthma, ear infection, bedwetting, among other things.
    • For adults, they are able to generate more energy and increase productivity.
    • Better balance and less injury is attained by senior citizens.

    Meanwhile, overall results and benefits reported from patients who’ve undergone chiropractic care includes the following:

    • Boost in the functions of the immune and nervous system.
    • Patients attain improved vitality.
    • Breathing becomes easier.
    • Great digestive functions.
    • flawless vision.
    • Improved overall health.

    There are some cons regarding chiropractic care, as well.   In some cases, various degrees of discomfort and/or stiffness may follow a chiropractic adjustment, but this discomfort typically resolves within one to two days. While not every health insurance plan currently offers coverage for chiropractic care, most  larger insurance providers do cover all or some of the expenses related to treatment by a doctor of chiropractic medicine. However, because chiropractic treatment often involves multiple office visits, costs can quickly add up for those without insurance coverage. Frequent trips to the doctor’s office may be inconvenient for many people, especially for those dealing with acute pain or another disability, and chiropractic care is not suitable for all people. People with certain medical conditions, such as acute gout, bone cancer, excessive osteoporosis or existing bone or joint fractures may not be suitable candidates for spinal manipulation.

    Several different modalities are used during chiropractic care.  One modality that is used as part of chiropractic therapy is electric stimulation.  The primary use of this tool is for muscle relaxation and pain relief.

    The treatment improves healing to the area and causes the muscles to relax, releases chemical pain relievers and temporarily confuses the nervous system so that it is not able to transmit pain signals as well.  In essence you get temporary pain relief and improved healing.

    Chiropractic care has been found to be quite successful for many people.   While not a “cure-all”,  it can definitely bring relief for many patients seeking  an alternative to traditional medicine or drug therapy. We recently had the opportunity to interview  Armadillo Sports Chiropractic’s Dr. Chad Peters. We’d like to share our interview with you. Find it here, enjoy!

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  2. An Interview with Dr. Chad Peters-Chiropractor

    Armadillo Sports Chiropractic



    Dr. Chad Peters and his wife, Nikki Viersen own Armadillo Sports Chiropractic here in Corpus Christi. Chad and Nikki both are well known by most of our clients here at Your Personal Best. If you have spent any time with them, you will find them not only professional and knowledgeable but easy to relate to. They are both athletes and can relate to most of the patients they treat. Their approach to Chiropractic care is one that seriously considers the athlete as well as the aging body. Dr. Chad took a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer a couple questions for us concerning his background and philosophy. Thank you, Dr. Chad.

    Could you give us a little bit of information about you and your chiropractic background?

    I did my undergrad at South Dakota State for Fitness/Wellness. Basically, to become a personal trainer. I did train at the CCAC for just over a year and focused on sports performance primarily. I then enrolled in Northwestern Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN. I interned my last semester with my wife, Dr. Nikki Viersen in Miami at a high level sports clinic. I worked alongside Dr. Spencer Baron, the team chiropractor for the Miami Dolphins and the Marlins. Here, is where Nikki and I started to develop our sports specific treatment protocols. Ten years later and a lot of further education and here we are.

    What type of chiropractic and sports care do you typically provide?

    Almost everyone has a specific injury the first time they come to the office – a shoulder, knee or back issue. We try to fix the issue in 2 to 3 visits. If it’s not something within our scope of practice, (something that would require a different doctor, PT or ortho) we refer them out. Generally and hopefully later we’ve made a good relationship with a client and they feel they can trust us and use us. I try to have all my existing clients come in every 3-4 months for a “tune up” type treatment. Our clients are athletic and push themselves – they generally need a muscle and chiro “once over” every so often so they can continue to push it.

    What are some new and innovative treatments that your practice utilizes in the prevention and treatment of the aging spine and common sports injuries?

    Our website has a whole list of videos that show some of our newest protocols and techniques. We use Graston and FAKTR techniques a lot and really have liked kinesio-tape and ROCK TAPE. I think the biggest technique that seems to get the best results, is the combination of the muscle work, chiropractic treatment and education. We try hand grenade techniques- meaning we want to really cover the whole area and start treating the body as a functional unit – not just sore body parts.

    What types of concerns or ailments do you most frequently see in 45-85 year olds?

    Our office is probably 50% shoulder issues. With most people, it almost always seems to be the area that is being over worked the most. Most of the stress lies here. There seems to be a little weakness in the shoulders that makes the big trap muscles always seem hard. We also see a lot of hip and knee issues in our athletes.

    The nature of the job is to see sore necks and low backs but that’s a surprisingly low percentage of our office visits. As I mentioned before, throughout the week, we see clients just looking for a once over – often they will have a massage and follow it up with seeing one of our doctors for a full body experience.

    What are some suggestions, from a health & fitness standpoint, that our clients could apply to keep their musculoskeletal system healthy and strong well into their senior years?

    I push all my clients to lift weights. Use the muscles or you will end up with all kinds of injuries. Walking and water aerobics are fine but they are not enough. Every healthy living plan has to have weight lifting involved. Don’t be afraid to enjoy life – find the balance between health and diet without making it a chore or job and most of all…find something that makes you happy – happy people are healthier!

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