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  1. Suspension Training for Active Seniors

    It’s said that “65 is the new 45” and the older population has never been more motivated to stay active and healthy than right now. We use TRX® Suspension Trainers™ to improve function and keep seniors pursuing the activities they love long into their golden years.

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    Falling Statistics:

    My mom took a fall recently, ended up in the ER, a week stay in the hospital and almost 3 weeks in a nursing rehab facility. She was one of the lucky ones who is now functioning independently back in her own home.

    • Over 1/3 of people aged of 65+ fall each year
    • In 2007, over 1.8 million seniors were treated for fall – related injuries at emergency rooms
    • Approximately 400,000 fractures per year due to fall in senior citizens
    • Over 20% of hip fractures result in death within 1 year post injury
    • BY 2030, 25% of US pop will be greater than 65

    single leg balanceFactors Affecting Falls:

    1. History of Falling
      After the first fall, fear of falling again can lead to decline and more falls
    1. Chronic Disease and Medical Conditions
      Stroke/TIA, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and even foot issues such as bunions, etc…
    1. Sensory/vestibular Impairments
      Reduces function of hearing, vision or inner ear malfunctions
    1. Medication Effects
      Sedatives, Antidepressants, Diuretics and others may have side effects that lead to an increased risk of falling
    1. Level of Function (Strength, Posture, Gait)
    2. Weather or Outdoor Conditions
    3. House clutter and Obstacles
    4. Poor Lighting
    5. Lack of adaptive devices in the home
    6. Inappropriate footwear/clothing


    Why Suspension Training? 

    Suspension Training acts as a built-in safety mechanism (i.e., balance/falls prevention) while exercising. This is especially important for our weak or arthritic clients. We have found Suspension training exercises to be highly effective and a fun addition to any client’s training program!

    Purchase the TRX Suspension Trainer from HEST Fitness Products

    Dr. Chris Thompson, Ph.D. researcher specializing in fall prevention and training for older adults

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