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  1. Meet Steve Chavez

    Age: 30

    Occupation: YPB Client Happiness Specialist / Administration

    TAMUCC Bachelors in Mathematics.
    TAMUK Masters in Statististics.

    Interests Are:
    Fitness and eating healthy. Besides the healthy lifestyle I am currently pursuing, I am a competitive gamer, a Mathematics enthusiast, and a book lover. My main passion is movies, from horror to comedy; I just enjoy film in its entirety.

    Steve’s Strengths

      • I enjoy talking and interacting with people.
      • Natural born problem solver.
      • I constantly learn new and better ways to do anything.
      • Dependable and easy to trust.
      • Enjoy challenges.

    How long have you lived in The Coastal Bend? I live outside of Corpus Christi in a small town near Portland, Tx. However, I have lived in the area my entire life.

    Are you married? No

    Do you have children? No

            1. What is your favorite healthy meal? Overnight Oats, I have always had trouble finding a fast & east breakfast, and overnight oats are easy and require less than 5 minutes of prep.
            1. What is your favorite “free day” food? Sushi.
            1. Your favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle. Better sleep, more focus, and more energy throughout the day.
            1. Why do you exercise? To live a long healthy life.
            1. Toughest eating obstacle to overcome? I do not turn down food invites; anytime a friend wants to go out to eat or make food, I always say, “yes.”
            1. Current exercise routine. 3-5 days a week of lifting weights and jogging / walking in the morning.
            1. What is your most embarrassing exercising moment? When I was powerlifting, my suit ripped when I was squatting.
            1. What is the best benefit of exercising and eating right? Mental Clarity

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