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  1. Meet Emily Duprie

    Age: 23

    Occupation: YPB Client Happiness Specialist / Administration

    TAMUCC Bachelors in Biology.
    Minor in Marine Biology.

    Occupation: I have worked in various guest services positions for the past 6 years, including a managerial position at a high-end beach resort in Port Aransas, TX. I love the opportunity to meet different types of people and hear their stories- but most of all, I enjoy making sure everyone is having fun!

    Interests Are:
    My passions lie in nature, where I spend most of my free-time birding, surfing, scuba diving, creating art, and writing! I’ve lived in every corner of Texas, and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica)! I love exchanging stories and discovering new perspectives on life’s everyday wonders. I practice QiGong and am a two-time State qualifying tennis player, anyone up for a match?

    Emily’s Strengths

      • Communication
      • Problem-solving
      • Trustworthiness
      • Innovation (I love finding new solutions!)
      • Writing literature and published articles

    How long have you lived in The Coastal Bend? I was born in Corpus Christi and lived in Rockport for 5 years. Since, I’ve lived in Centerpoint, Comfort, Nixon, Midlothian, and Goliad. I have been back in Corpus for the past 4 years.

    Are you married? No

    Do you have children? I have a Maine Coone… It’s safe to say he requires just as much attention as a child. 

            1. What is your favorite healthy meal?  I love making a quick smoothie with frozen fruit and greek yogurt. I’ve found that freezing sliced bananas before blending gives the smoothie that “ice cream” texture!
            1. What is your favorite “free day” food? Crawfish etouffee!
            1. Your favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle. Higher levels of energy, happiness, and motivation.
            1. Why do you exercise? I exercise so that when the end of the day comes, I feel content with my health and know I’m doing everything I can to take care of my body.
            1. Toughest eating obstacle to overcome? Turning down a good burger after surfing all day at the beach is always tricky.
            1. Current exercise routine. QiGong exercises and breathing meditations every morning, along with the occasional pilates.
            1. What is your most embarrassing exercising moment? One time in middle school, I had to run laps outside around our field. There were these big blue barrels on every corner. As I turned my 2nd corner, I cut a little too close to the barrel, and a loose wire snagged the hem of my pants and ripped them alllll the way down one leg. I didn’t realize until I was at the finish thinking, “Wow, this breeze is really nice!”
            1. What is the best benefit of exercising and eating right? When we care for our bodies, every other aspect of our life becomes easier.

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