How to Play Like a Kid Again

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  1. How to Play Like a Kid Again

    Act like a kid. Who says you have to be young to play? Find a sport or other activity and join a league or class. When it’s fun, it doesn’t seem like exercise. Schedule a little playtime each day, just for you

    Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Things here in the Coastal Bend that you can make arrangements to do NOW! What are you waiting for? Get out and play hard.

    1. Learn something new. Take dance lessons. Our very own Personal Trainer Marcia Keener (link) and her husband Rick along with some of our clients can dance their little hearts out sometimes 4 hours at a time.
    2. Explore. View a new neighborhood from your bike. Take a cycling Traffic Skills 101 class (link to BAB next available class) Your Personal Best Training Studio owner, Lisa Wright is a Licensed Cycling Instructor. (link to American League of Bicyclists)
    3. Switch positions. Hang upside down on the monkey bars or at the very least, come in and use our inversion table. (Picture)
    4. Go bowling. Trainer Terry Cobb can tell you all about her love/hate with this after work activity. Contact her:
    5. Take the stairs. It’s an easy way to burn up to 70 calories. Imagine if you did it for a year.
    6. Make exercise fun. Ride your bike, put on your roller blades or walk/run for a cause (link to Corpus Christi road runner’s calendar). Remember when you could run faster and jump higher in your PF flyers? Check out the vintage commercial on You Tube.
    7. Do something that takes your breath away. Ever watch a two year old learn how to jump? Their little feet barely get off the ground. It’s a great self-accomplishment – bet you’ll smile just trying.
    8. Go ahead, wind surf, stand up paddle board, ride a horse down mustang island. Cross it off your bucket list.
    9. Walk more. Small children don’t want to be carried! Walking brings freedom to both children and adults. Buy a pedometer (picture) build up to 10,000 steps per day.
    10.  Plant a Garden: And while you’re at it, get a great workout with this downloadable pdf. Build a Sandcastle: An adult size sandcastle just like the one the YPB trainers build last fall. (Link to the sandcastle guy in Port A)

    Source: The Bold Life

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