How To Celebrate Your Fitness Milestones

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  1. How To Celebrate Your Fitness Milestones

    While your long-term goal may be to lose 50 pounds or more, each pound lost is one step closer and each deserves recognition! Call a friend or write in your journal. You never know who you may inspire!

    Fitness professionals know that success doesn’t come all at once at the end of a long road. We get you started with the tools for dramatic results—who doesn’t want that?  Never forget how important it is to celebrate milestones along the way.  Small celebrations can include:

    • A simple notation in your journal
    • An “eat off” dinner at your favorite restaurant with your favorite person
    • Go buy a gift card to your favorite store NOW and use it when you reach your NEXT milestone.
    • Call a friend and let them know or send them a picture of you as you progress through each stage (milestone)
    • Have a gathering or party
    • Get yourself a little something special—you deserve it!

    Reach outside of yourself. Although the celebrations can help keep you motivated, the true reason for celebrating milestones has to do with others. You are not going to achieve your goals alone.  There are going to be a lot of people working hard to make you successful.  Those people deserve recognition and encouragement all along the way.  And by the way, the celebration itself, in whatever form—only deepens your relationships further.


    Share one of your milestones with a friend you trust and respect.  Ask your friend for some ideas around how you might celebrate the milestone once you achieve it. What other ways might you celebrate this milestone?  How can you show generosity to those who helped you and ensure that your story of success is told?

    At Your Personal Best Training Studio we celebrate milestones and our client’s small successes using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, our e-newsletter and website.

    This young client has rheumatoid arthritis. She needs to gain muscle and increase the healthy part of her body to aid in the effects of this autoimmune disease. While her fitness progress is slow due to pain and flare ups, every time we check her body composition she improves.

    In just over 16 weeks, she has changed her body composition by -3.74%, gaining +5.91 lbs. of muscle, and losing -4.91 lbs. of fat. Because muscle is more dense than fat she has even lost – 1 3/8 inches

    Find ways to celebrate your own milestones. Frustrated? Call us we can help!

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    1. Karen Magee says:

      This makes me think that even I (with fibromyalgia) can tolerate some form of fitness program!

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