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  1. Holiday Habits

    A HABIT is an act of interest often repeated. An established habit is not always easy to immediately discontinue, especially if it is one of long standing.

    During the holidays we may call our habits, “traditions” which might make one wonder if this is the healthiest thing we could be doing to celebrate Christ’s birth. If you are currently disturbed by any of your habits/traditions, you need only to know that the easiest way to drop an old habit is by replacing it with a new one.

    Consider letting go of some of the less healthy traditions of your past. You don’t have to duplicate the Christmases of your childhood. Start new traditions: Instead of spending as much on gifts, show your love in other ways. Instead of stuffing yourself with cookies and heavy meals, eat lightly and simply. Instead of fighting with your family, let go of old arguments and practice peacemaking.

    In the beginning of making this change, if the old habit rises or the family begins to protest, do not get upset. Struggling or forcing the new habit/tradition in the place of the old one will only perpetuate the old way’s strong hold on the situation.

    With loving kindness and over time, maybe even the next several years, consider giving equal time to the two. Gradually decrease the time spent in the old habit/tradition and increase the time that is spent in the new. As the new and healthier behaviors begin to become stronger and deeper, the old will weaken until they no longer exist.

    Our life is a journey, an opportunity to learn and grow and experience what it truly means to celebrate new life; each day. Do not make changing any habit or tradition an arduous task (especially if others are involved), rather allow it to be a natural progression through the years. A gift, per say, that is handed down to the next generation.

    So, beyond the holidays and your resolve toward the New Year, what habits do you know you need to change?  What healthier habits can you move into, gently, dividing your time between the two until the old can let go? Who will help you? Our staff at Your Personal Best Training Studio is old – teeheehee (they will get me for saying this). We have some experience and credentials from having walked through these same struggles. Call us today; we have Personal Trainers, a Wellness Coach and even a Spiritual Guide on staff.

    The Christ child is waiting for you and will gently and lovingly welcome your change.

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