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  1. Exercise Without Injury

    Proper form is the key to injury Prevention

    Hello my name is Christopher Rodriguez and I am a student at TAMUCC. I am majoring in Exercise Science and currently doing my internship at Your Personal Best. As an intern at YPB, I have learned many things about exercise; however the one thing that Lisa has stressed constantly about is having proper form while exercising.

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    The Missing Piece

    Have you ever finished a workout feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything? Or feel aches and pains in joints after you are done with a workout? More than likely you are a victim of incorrect form. When starting an exercise program, form should be the first thing to master but is often an ignored part of exercise. Proper form can take years to master, but the average person does not have enough time in their day to learn exercise form. No matter how much weight you are lifting or how many times you can perform an exercise; if your form is not correct, you will likely need to reduce the amount of weight you are using and/or slow down.

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    Lack of proper form is the number-one cause of injuries. Your body may be put in a vulnerable position placing stress on areas not designed to handle such stress. Injuries sustained from improper form may decrease motivation and increase the likelihood that you will not exercise again. You may lose results gained while trying to recover from the injury.

    right 3Increased Effectiveness = Increased Results

    Most people exercise to get results, I am here to tell you if you want to get the most out of any exercise, having the correct form can increase the effectiveness of that exercise leading to you achieving the results you are after. Potentially with proper form, you may be able to lift more for much longer. There are a few exercises that are commonly done without proper form include the lat pull-down, push-ups, leg press, and chest press. These exercises when done with proper form may look simple and easy but without knowing how to do them can make them more difficult than they should be. For more information on these exercises and how to perform them correctly, please check out our video here.

    right 4Whether you are exercising at home or at a gym, it never hurts to get expert advice prior to working out. The internet is a great source for information on proper form, however if you are still not sure about something, the fitness professionals at YPB can certainly assist you with private personal training or personal coaching. If private personal training is not an option, personal coaching is another option where we can map out goals for you and coach you toward success with one coaching session every 4-6 weeks. Here at YPB, we want to increase your chances of succeeding so you can achieve Your Personal Best!

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