Does Competition Motivate You?

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  1. Does Competition Motivate You?

    Back in December of 2011 we ran a Face Book poll asking our fans, “While exercising what motivates you to keep going?” The most popular answer was, “My competitive side.” Shortly after the first of the year one of my home clients got into a competition with some of his buddies and I found out about it through the grapevine. Corpus Christi, TX isn’t all that small.

    I wasn’t too happy about this contest and had many questions: By what criteria are you using to measure success? How long is this contest? What makes it fair? Their decision was to measure success by percentage of scale weight. While I didn’t totally agree with the health in this decision, it was for a short enough period of time that I agreed to help my client win. I can at times be competitive as well.

    About half way through the competition my client was able to get off his blood pressure meds with the supervision of his Dr.

    He also won the contest as per this text capture. (I was not there for the weigh in – remember, the contest was not my idea!)

    The weight loss was dramatic and the pictures below speak volumes to the results.


    My client loves to joke with me that I can sometimes be a downer. I prefer that he call me an educator because here is what actually happened and can happen to any of you. Of his total weight loss, 59% was his muscle. This always shocks people. Rapid weight loss is not usually healthy weight loss and can cause many symptoms – primarily a lowered metabolism. Metabolism by definition being the rate at which the body burns through a unit of energy called a “calorie”. Muscle is precious, it is your furnace, your pilot light and more importantly where the fat is burned off the body! Fat burns off the body in the mitochondria of a muscle cell as a result of heat.

    Ok, so I AM proud of the discipline that it took my client to WIN this contest. NOW, we are having it my way and trying to put some muscle back on his body.


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  2. 2 responses to “Does Competition Motivate You?”

    1. Terry Cobb says:

      Awesome information, Lisa! I wish more people understood this so misunderstood piece of information. A Gold nugget! Thank you for sharing!

      • admin says:

        You’re welcome Terry. As you know, our clients are often our best teachers as we learn how to best teach/train others!

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