Caught in the Middle…

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  1. Caught in the Middle…

    By Lisa G. Wright, CFT

    I hate this feeling…

    Cheese CakeIt’s that same feeling when I really want to slam down that piece of triple chocolate-chip cheesecake…

    BUT … I also know that it will just totally “whack” my nutrition plan — and probably throw me into a sugar-coma!

    You know the feeling..? You really want it even though you know it isn’t the right thing to do..?

    Well… here it is with technology.

    Many of you know that I also own a Social Media Marketing business, and you know I love technology. Just check out my website, Facebook, YouTube channel and e-newsletter (sign up today) and you’ll see what I mean. Currently we are offering a Weight Management Program with a MAP System that still includes the warm and personal touch of any one of my Fitness Professionals. I love this stuff… just like cheesecake!

    It’s About Helping YOU become “Your Personal Best”

    All of our technology systems were developed with YOU in mind. The Weight Management Program in particular gives you an application to assist you on your journey toward better fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

    Even now, due to many requests, we’re researching a mobile app that simulates our Daily Journal.

    But this is where the “rub” comes in.

    I have a real love/hate relationship with apps … especially Personal Trainer Apps or Workout and/or Nutrition Apps.

    Here’s the Dilemma

    Just like cheesecake… apps are really appealing. Let’s face it. Apps are cheap. They’re convenient. And, for the money they are very robust. They connect with all the social networks, video hosts, incorporate GPS and literally have virtual tentacles throughout the entire internet. Hard to resist.

    20130610_073637But, maybe all that convenience and connectivity is more of a problem… than being helpful. Let me explain…

    Mobile apps frustrate me in two distinctly different ways.

    1.) CHEAP COMMODITIES: Because they label themselves as “PERSONAL TRAINER” apps — that are either free or perhaps $2.99… they DEVALUE a real human-being relationship between YOU and Your Personal Trainer!

    2.) DISTRACTIONS: The inter-connectivity with all sorts of other apps, videos, social networks etc., as well as the normal text, email and phone functions creates enormous potential for distractions and loss of focus while you are exercising. Get ready to hurt yourself with the distractions!

    I Bet You’ve Done This..

    In conversation with other fitness directors, trainers, physical therapists, instructors and other health professionals, we all have similar stories.

    20130610_070052It’s about you, who in the middle of a session, receives a text or phone call or email — and says, “Oh… just a minute… I really need to answer this!”

    Now, 10-minutes later, your body has cooled down. The focus is gone. And, you are no longer making any kind of mind-body connection with the activities at hand.
    20130610_070133And, of course, because we are “nice” fitness professionals, we don’t want to upset you, “our paying client” by insisting that you ditch the mobile device for “just” the 30-minute session.

    Do You See Where I’m Going With This..?

    So… I feel caught in the middle. Yes, I am looking into an app due to overwhelming demand from our clients — all the while, throwing my hands up in the air with the: “If you can’t beat ‘em — join ‘em” mentality.

    But, in my heart of hearts… I still don’t think they are appropriate for working with fitness professionals especially during a session.

    The Journal Advantage

    So here’s my take.

    I don’t want to bash apps. They are here to stay. I totally understand that fact.

    However, I also think as fitness professionals we are held accountable for helping our clients achieve RESULTS – and so I take a stand and say to you:

    “Yes… I think fitness apps on mobile devices are great… but you hired us to help you reach a goal. Therefore, at least when you’re in session with us, I want to make sure you are using the absolute best and proven tools to help make you successful.

    Journal AdvantageThe inference is that you can use fitness apps on your own time… but while with us … you may use the JournalAdvantage or whatever manual, non-distracting method you would like to use.

    To that end, I’ve created a free handout with 5 reasons to use a Daily Journal. You can download the .pdf file right now.

    I think it’s really important to reinforce the Daily Journal and how it differs from an app in design, how it is used and how it is more beneficial in several different ways — as outlined in the handout.

    It’s a free (.pdf) download. CLICK HERE…
    *** And, we are placing our next order of Journals, as I write this.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    As always.. I appreciate your comments….

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