Mary Dropped over 65 lb

Functional Aging

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  1. Mary Dropped over 65 lb

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Mary Connor’s fantastic progress. She started working with us three years ago and has been killing it ever since! Mary, a 68-year-old retired teacher had goals at the beginning of her fitness journey that was not very specific – “lose some weight and be able to walk and […]

  2. Betty Gives YPB Credit for Her Clean House!

    Client Shout Out Time That “Thanksgiving Morning” moment when your client Bertha “Betty” Garcia messages you her gratitude for this past year and for the programs we offer at our training studio. #proudcoach! In her words … “I just wanted you to know that ever since I ruptured two discs in my lower back 20 […]

  3. Sharon’s Goal: Hiking in the Big Bend, TX

    Sharon Trott Started YPB workouts in December 2019 Age: 65 Occupation:  Retired in August 2018 Please help us celebrate Sharon Trott’s success! We’ve been working together for nearly a year, and she has made fantastic progress toward her goals. Check out her story! When I retired in 2018, I had more time for exercising, so […]

  4. Tommie Zuniga Needed Better Balance

    Please help us celebrate Tommie Zuniga’s success! We’ve been working together for two months, and she has made fantastic progress. Check out her story! At 64 years old, Tommie suffered a few falls, which caused her to have been diagnosed with needing a total right knee replacement. She also came to us with a diagnosis […]

  5. Jan Shipman West; A Client Success Story

    On November 20th, 2019, my husband and my best friend died. He had been sick for a very long time and on hospice at home for about nine months. Even though I knew he was terminal, when he died, I was thrown for a loop. After the funeral and after all of my family and […]

  6. Nora Cason: A Client Success Story

    We couldn’t be more proud of our client, Nora Cason! She is proof that consistency pays off. We’ve been working together since 2018, and she has overcome so many obstacles along the way! Congrats, Nora! Nora Cason is 61 years old, and two years before joining YPB, she broke a foot and was unable to […]

  7. May 2020 Client of the Month

    Excellent job, Barbara Craig-Schniepp! One thing about Barb, she always brings a great attitude and a smile even when out of her comfort zone! We are proud of her!

  8. Jackie’s Success In Spite of a Catch 22

    Huge congratulations to our client Jackie Ray, who has made incredible progress towards her goals! Not only is she making a physical transformation, but she is helping inspire so many others during this global disruption. Check out her story. Jackie Ray is a 62 years old sales manager for Omni Corpus Christ Hotel and has […]

  9. Jeanette Zamzow’s Success Story

    Hi, I’m Jeanette Zamzow, 71 years old, a retired CPA.  I began working out at YPB because I wanted to improve my bone density and osteoporosis in my hips.  This disease pressed me to call several gyms, including Your Personal Best. I decided that their program for the over-50 population was the one for me. […]

  10. Success Story: Overcoming Technology to Train Online

    Helen Harris, 74, has no computer and hates her smartphone, using it as little as possible. But she refuses to let her dislike of technology prevent her from staying in shape via online training sessions.

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