Post Holiday Suggestions From Your Veteran YPB Fitness Professionals.

Functional Aging

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  1. Post Holiday Suggestions From Your Veteran YPB Fitness Professionals.

    We have had a few questions arise from one of our YPB clients this past month.  Now that the holidays are over, Martha had some very good questions regarding post holiday health and some ways to burn off those extra calories.   She asks, “What could I have done differently?” “What can I do to get […]

  2. Rep Speed & Tempos

    By Terry Cobb-CPT, CES Weight training is a lot more complex than what you might think.   Knowing the proper tempo for the exercise you’re doing and what you want to achieve from it can not only boost your gains, but prevent injuries too. One fundamental rule with weight lifting is:   any lifting movement-whether it’s […]

  3. Lunch Roll-Up Wraps

    We recently served these at our open house and they were an absolute hit. These roll-ups are a quick, easy, no-cook lunch or snack item that will please the whole family. — Ingredients Whole wheat tortillas or flatbread Your choice of mustard (we used Dijon, Regular & Jalapeno mustards) Spinach leaves Low sodium Turkey breast […]

  4. Get Results in the New Year!

    It doesn’t matter where you go to bring in the New Year — you’re going to want to look your very best. We’ve only got a little over three weeks, so you’ve got to get to it. I’m aware of the fact that we’re in the middle of the holiday season, and most of you […]

  5. 10 Reasons You Should Workout Today

    We all have those days that we dont want to work out, even though we know we should. When you need a little motivation, look no further. Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t skip your workout today. Print, save, or pin this post so you’ll have easy access to it on the days you need it […]

  6. Reasons You Should/Should Not Hire a Trainer

    Losing weight and getting healthy is no easy task. If it were, we would never have problems with obesity. Bottom line is – sometimes we need help. But how do you know when it time to call on the help and hire a trainer or a fitness professional to make your journey to a healthy […]

  7. Should You Work Out If You Are Sick?

    This time of year when colds and flu are on the rise, we often wonder “should I work out if I am sick?” The average adult has 2-3 respiratory infections each year.  That number jumps to six or seven for young children.  Research has shown that moderate exercise can improve the immune system response and […]

  8. They Like Spiders Too!

      Halloween candy is yummy, but kids like spiders too…spider rings that is!  The truth is; although kids love to get candy, many of them would like just as much to get some cool new Halloween pencils or pens, spooky stickers, tattoos, or spider rings.     Or, you might even try one of these […]

  9. What is Strength Training?

    Strength training is exercising with the goal of increasing your physical strength. Strength training builds muscle and helps to burn fat.  Strength training can provide up to a 15% increase in metabolic rate, which is enormously helpful for weight loss and long-term weight control.  There are two kinds of strength: Relative Strength. Gymnasts or rock […]

  10. The Skinny on Moo

    Curiosity has arisen in the studio recently regarding milk.  To drink or not to drink?  And if so, which?  We have found a personal favorite of both Lisa and I. It is called MooTopia and is sold exclusively through H.E.B.  It comes in both 2% and fat free varieties.  (Chocolate is also available for our […]

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