“More Cardio, Less Lardio”

Functional Aging

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  1. “More Cardio, Less Lardio”

    I cracked up at convention when I heard this, and how true it is! I am so often asked, “How do I get started?” While I want to sell resistance training right away, it is not always the “best” way for a middle-ager or older person to get started. For 30 Days … I recently designed […]

  2. A Fitness Book to Read

    This author was a featured speaker in a seminar I attended at the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention and he was awesome! I downloaded my copy from Audible.com and wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. Say goodbye to feeling disappointed with your body—“Body Confidence” is the highly anticipated fitness book from world-renowned Venice Nutrition […]

  3. A Training Program for Water Sports

    Surfing requires strong shoulders and arms for paddling out to the waves, and core strength and balance for riding them back to shore. Do these five exercises three times a week for a month before your trip. On alternate days, try to get in at least 20 minutes of swimming and 20 minutes of jogging/rope […]

  4. running mile

    30-Day Challenge: Move a Mile a Day

    Are you ready to commit to 30 days? It’s time to switch up your routine and gear up for a new challenge. Whether you want to lose weight or run faster, test yourself…move a mile a day.

  5. month of cardio

    Month of Cardio

    Cardiovascular-interval training is one excellent way to strengthen your ticker. Cardio intervals are short bursts of intense exercise that gets your heart pumping, lungs working and body moving. These five exercises not only get your heart rate up, but they also strengthen muscles from head to toe.

  6. Choosing the Right Activity for You!

    It is important to find out what types of exercises are better for you and not what is better for most people. People may get caught up thinking that running is the best for everyone, but one of the main reasons why people do not exercise is because they just do not like to run and think […]

  7. Exercise Without Injury

    Proper form is the key to injury Prevention Hello my name is Christopher Rodriguez and I am a student at TAMUCC. I am majoring in Exercise Science and currently doing my internship at Your Personal Best. As an intern at YPB, I have learned many things about exercise; however the one thing that Lisa has […]

  8. Restless Leg Syndrome

    Print your copy of the exercises here!  Who is most commonly affected by RLS and what is it? RLS may affect up to 10% of the US population and in both genders but is more commonly found in women. Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, is a disorder that gives one’s body an odd sensation or […]

  9. Quick and Challenging 35 Minute Workout

    By Terry Cobb, CPT-CES Warm up for 5 minutes: Jumping Jacks 1 minute Squats 1 minute Kettle Ball or Dumbbell Swings 1 minute Jumping Jacks 1 minute Squats 1 minute Equipment:  Cardio Machine & Stability Ball Cardio: Perform Tabata Drill three times for a total of 18 minutes: Using a treadmill, cycle or elliptical machine […]

  10. Weight Management 101-Fitness Quiz

    What Do You Know About Your Body? Do you know the most accurate form of measurement for health and weight-management? How about what the word “calorie” relates to? Believe it or not these are a few of many questions some of us are not sure how to answer. Test how much you know about your […]

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