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Functional Aging

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  1. Joan’s Break-in

    Ever lock yourself out of your house? I certainly have, and so has our dear client, Joan Rector, whom I am privileged to coach. What has this to do with YPB? Joan’s attempt to break into her own home is a prime example of aging actively. At age 79, Joan demonstrated her mobility and agility […]

  2. Success Story: He Shed Unhappiness with the Extra Pounds

    Actor Doug Spearman was in a funk a few years ago – unhappy and overweight at 210 pounds on his 5’8” frame. His TV series “Noah’s Ark,” a glossy gay rom-com in the “Sex and the City” mold, had concluded. He was on a new medication that boosted his weight. He ended a relationship and […]

  3. Check Out Kristy’s Balance!

    Check out this client’s balance! Real change is marked by the small steps we take every day. It’s a privilege to walk alongside Kristy Hardcastle, whose hard work is definitely paying off. Our clients love us!  In her words – “Since joining YPB, I no longer wear ankle braces (after relying on braces for over […]

  4. Success Story: A Painful Moment Spurs Change

    Significant life changes often follow a moment of clarity that can be startling, liberating, or even painful. For Gina Gross, 59, her epiphany came while she and her husband were taking a gym tour in their new community. Gross was a recently retired nurse and had become obese over the years, weighing 340 pounds at […]

  5. Staying Strong for Life’s Challenges

    Ricky Banks is a walking advertisement for fitness over 50 – which makes sense because he owns a successful gym and turned 57 this year. But it’s true now more than ever after a near-fatal medical emergency this year. Doctors and Ricky believe his healthy lifestyle helped him survive the loss of blood, the s […]

  6. Mary Dropped over 65 lb

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Mary Connor’s fantastic progress. She started working with us three years ago and has been killing it ever since! Mary, a 68-year-old retired teacher had goals at the beginning of her fitness journey that was not very specific – “lose some weight and be able to walk and […]

  7. Sharon’s Reason for Staying @ YPB

    Please help us celebrate Sharon’s success! We’ve been working together for over a year, and she has made fantastic progress. Check out her story! 56-year-old Frost Bank Customer Service Manager Sharon Landin saw one of our ads and wanted to lose some weight. She came in for one reason and stayed with a renewed focus […]

  8. Nancy was Inflexible and Weak

    I’m thrilled to share the success journey of one of our clients! Nancy Chasteen has been working with YPB for 18 mos. She has lost over 60 pounds and is such an inspiration. Here’s how she did it! Nancy, now 70, retired two years ago and realized not only had she gained weight but was […]

  9. Betty Gives YPB Credit for Her Clean House!

    Client Shout Out Time That “Thanksgiving Morning” moment when your client Bertha “Betty” Garcia messages you her gratitude for this past year and for the programs we offer at our training studio. #proudcoach! In her words … “I just wanted you to know that ever since I ruptured two discs in my lower back 20 […]

  10. Sharon’s Goal: Hiking in the Big Bend, TX

    Sharon Trott Started YPB workouts in December 2019 Age: 65 Occupation:  Retired in August 2018 Please help us celebrate Sharon Trott’s success! We’ve been working together for nearly a year, and she has made fantastic progress toward her goals. Check out her story! When I retired in 2018, I had more time for exercising, so […]

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