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  1. An Interview with Beverly

    Many of you remember Beverly as having worked as an intern for Your Personal Best Training Studio back in the winter and spring of 2010. She then opened her own private personal training studio in Austin, TX. Beverly is one my favorite people, a best friend, we mentor one another physically, emotionally and spiritually and I am excited to offer her inspiration to all of you.

    She loves reminding that her running, “All started with that pitiful mile run around the ICW track here in Corpus Christi. Remember?”                  ~Lisa

    Who influenced you to run your first marathon?

    Will Carson, Director of Galloway Training in Austin

    What did you do to prepare for this marathon?

    I did two mid-week runs of 30-45 minutes on my own and long runs on weekends with the Galloway group. I did run/walk/run training and was amazed at the results. This method spares my joints and enables me to run longer and faster without feeling all beat up. I was up and out for my favorite post- race meal after a quick nap following my marathon.

    What was the length of your training time/journey?

    I began training in Nov 2010.  I did my first 10k that December,  followed by 3 half marathons in 2011. In  Oct 2011 I started the Austin Fit/Austin Runners club Distance Challenge which included 5 running events for a total 68 miles (10k, 10 miler, 2 half marathons and a full marathon). The distance challenge culminated with my first full marathon. I was quite surprised to win 2nd in my age group for the challenge. By the way I was 58 when I started training and did my marathon at 59.

    What would you charge for a beginner’s marathon training program?  $150

    Could you coach them online or by phone?  Absolutely

    When you started running, did you know that you wanted to do a marathon?

    I was most interested in improving my fitness and running a little longer and maybe a little faster. I was more curious than anything.  I wondered just what I might be able to do. The “I wonder if I could run a marathon” question had floated around my head for years but I never seriously considered it until I began a formal training program.

    Where did you primarily do your training?

    Mid-week runs in my neighborhood or on the school track.  Long runs were varied.  I ran several routes. Mostly on city streets.

    Why would you suggest someone 50 + take up such an athletic endeavor?

    To explore what their body could do; to increase their confidence in their physical abilities, to look better, feel better and enjoy the benefits of lifelong fitness.  For the great tee shirts and swag—I love freebies. And for the “flash” communities that erupt at each event.

    How does weight training fit into your overall program?

    I don’t recommend heavy weight training while doing long distance running. However, overall strength and a good solid core are essential. I would recommend training with lighter weights a couple times a week. A stronger body works more efficiently and tends to look and feel better.

    How would you suggest someone get started?

    Start where you are, whether you’re walking, jogging or running. Go to Fleet Feet and get properly fitted for a good pair of shoes and begin slowly.  Find a buddy if you can but it is not essential. I’ve done most of my training alone until recently.  If I can be of help, give me a call or send me an email and let’s talk


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