All I Want For Christmas: 80 Healthy Gift Ideas

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  1. All I Want For Christmas: 80 Healthy Gift Ideas

    Want to give the gift of health this year? I’ve  assembled 80 Healthy Gift Ideas so you, your friends and family can enjoy the benefits of feeling better, having more energy and looking great too!


    Blender/magic bullet
    Water bottles (with built-in filter, stainless steel)
    Tea set (with variety of teas)
    Tea of the month club membership
    Healthy Cooking classes
    Fresh Fruit baskets

    You have to eat right to think right. Why would you give the people you love foods like chocolate,
    cookies, and cakes that work on the heroin centers in the brain and lower brain function? If you love
    your friends, shower them with some of the 50 best brain foods like apples, oranges, and peaches.

    10 spiceHealthy Cookbooks like Eating for Life by Bill Philips
    Food steamer
    Food blender (to make protein shakes)
    Protein Powder by the Tub
    Lunch bag/cooler
    Food scale
    Brain Healthy Spices ($3 and up)

    For the cooks on your list, spice up their life with a gift of brain healthy spices. Buy in bulk at to save.

    A good set of Knives and a Sharpening Steel
    3 – 4 Paring Knives
    Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and/or Spoons
    3 – 4 Vegetable Peelers – they always wear out
    Good “COTTON” Kitchen Towels and Wash Cloths
    2 –3 Cutting Boards

    Wood is nice but plastic is practical. They fit in most dishwashers.
    Blue for fish, Yellow for Poultry, Green for Produce, Red for Meats and White for Baking

    A “FAT” separator for stocks, sauces and gravies
    A Citrus Zester
    3 –4 Heat Resistant Rubber Spatulas
    A set of Stainless Steel Bowls
    A roll of Parchment Paper
    2 – 3 Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Pans
    A pair of Kitchen Scissors
    A Good Thermometer
    3 – 4 “HEAVY” Wooden Spoons
    Vacuum Food Saver
    Food processor
    Table Top Mixer
    2 Silpat Baking Mats
    Electric Pepper Grinder
    Electric Knife Sharpener
    Rice Cooker
    Stainless Steel Pots
    Tephlon Coated Egg Pan
    Gift certificates to healthy restaurants (Jason’s Deli, etc…)


    Exercise mat
    Gym towel and water bottles (customized with initials)
    Personal training sessions /
    Fitness bag
    white waterRunning/training shoes — Sneaker-free running shoes are popular now!
    Series of lessons/classes (Pilates/Ballroom Dance)
    Gym, health club, YMCA membership
    DVDs – Exercise (i.e. P90X)
    Dumb bell weight set
    Pull-up bar
    Stationary Bicycle
    Road or Mountain Bicycle
    In-line Skates
    Go for a hike (trip to Grand Canyon or other scenic, memorable locale)
    Jump rope
    Foam roller
    Workout clothes
    Heart rate monitors (We like the FT1)
    Fitbit, Bodybugg or other monitoring device
    Table Tennis Table ($280 and up)

    Table tennis is the world’s best brain sport. Give your family the gift of better brain health and better physical health with a ping pong table. In addition to being one of the best brain boosters around, it is a lot of fun and will also provide you with more time together as a family.


    Video games for the wii/xbox that promote healthy active lifestyles (wii tennis/ wii fitness, etc.)
    Subscription to health, fitness, nutritional magazine(s)
    Books — Inspirational, Educational, Cookbooks, Spiritual
    Books like: Younger Next Year by Chris Crowly
    Food journal and a nice pen set
    Relaxation/meditation/prayer CDs
    The Sharper Image® SleepSounds™ Music and Alarm Pillow ($69.99)

    Getting at least seven hours of restful sleep each night is critical to brain performance. This pillow includes a built-in speaker so you can listen to soothing nature sounds to help you drift off to sleep.

    Ultimate Ball Juggling Combo ($29.99)

    Learning new skills helps keep your brain young. Learning to juggle, in particular, fuels brain cell growth and enhances the areas of your brain that control memory, language, and reading. Perfect for beginners of all ages, this juggling set includes an instructional video and three beanbags — beanbags are recommended for beginners since they are easier to juggle than balls.


    Christian music CDs or other Soothing Music
    iTunes gift card for music purchases
    Mobile music player (mp3 player/iPod) & Headphones
    Purifying natural beauty cosmetics/soaps/products
    Spa treatment (massage, other)
    Acupressure mat
    Green personal care/home products
    Massage Oils ($8.49)

    Having a close, loving relationship with your spouse releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and promotes better health. A massage is always a welcome gift that brings you and your beloved closer together. Surprise your sweetie with these natural aromatherapy massage oils that contain antioxidants and pure herbal extracts.


    Home-made coupons for time together, massage, date nights, home-made dinner, a kiss, hall pass for free time etc.
    Jewelry that has meaning like a cross necklace, or leather bracelet with a motivational saying
    The Bible! Next to salvation, this is probably the best gift you can give or receive!


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