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  1. YPB Client Spreads the Word

    As a Team of Functional Aging Specialists ​ we are passionate about getting the word out regarding what we do and how we meet the over 50 crowd right where they are with their health and fitness.

    Susan Ames is one of our hardest working clients not only in the studio but also in getting the word out to the community about what we do.

    She has had noticeable improvements in her overall health and fitness. Not only has she lost body fat but she has also gained strength, coordination, and increased her balance! She is very committed to her health and fitness and works hard at the studio.

    Fitness is one of the best investments of time, money and effort that a person can make that will yield huge benefits. Take Susan for example, here’s what she had to say about her last doctor’s visit:

    “The other day I went to the doctor and they tested my balance, and I said, Do you want me to stand on one foot and would you like for me to curl at the same time? My Dr. said, Can you do it for 10 seconds? I told him, I can probably do it for 10 minutes. 

    That’s a huge success for me.” ~Susan Ames

    ​Watch below and hear Susan’s amazing fitness journey ​!

    With Success, Comes Responsibility!

    We love that our clients refer us to their friends and family. As a thank you, we give our clients half off their next month’s training for every person they refer who sign up with us for longer term training.

    Susan has taken full advantage of our referral program and we love it! Just last year she saved nearly 6 months on her training just by being her and a walking billboard of health and fitness over 50. All her referrals are awesome clients and we can’t thank her enough for this tremendous gift of sharing with others.

    If you know someone who needs our help or is looking to improve their quality of life, reply to this email or give us a call today.  We will be happy to give them a FREE consultation to see how we can help them get their fitness rocket off the ground.

    You can also stop by our studio and pick up a few copies of our book to give to your friends and family. They can learn more about us and they can see what truly makes us different than any other “gym” here in Corpus.

    We want to help you and your friends Move Better, Feel Better, Age Actively!

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