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  1. Wanda’s Continued Success….

    When you have a good thing going, make sure you keep it going!  It’s easy to treat exercise or diet like a program that has a beginning or end. What if reaching your first healthy goals were just the beginning of reclaiming your body at 50+ years old?

    Wanda Avila is another one of our amazing clients we can’t wait to tell you about.  She was very hesitant to give Your Personal Best Training Studio a try at first, and once she did, she knew we could help her reach her longer-term goals almost immediately.

    It’s a great feeling knowing that you are investing in your health not only working with Functional Aging Specialists but also by coming out of isolation and joining a community with similar goals, drive and aging concerns in mind.

    “I’ve gained strength, stamina, balance, coordination, a community of friends, and a support group that is with me on my steps to becoming a better me every day.” ​- Wanda, 58

    The AWESOME thing about Wanda is that she has tried some of our challenges before but this last one she really came to understand just what it means to put the pieces together.

    She was our overall winner for our summer quarterly challenge not only for being a fantastic captain but for losing the most body fat percent, inches, and maintaining her muscle mass!

    These are her numbers since joining YPB:

    • Body Fat %: lost 6.3%
    • Body Fat: lost 21.7 lb.
    • Muscle: gained 3lb.
    • Waist: lost 3in.

    It is essential to know that Wanda didn’t stop as soon as she lost some scale weight, Instead she has continued on with her goals, loves coming to YPB and her workout community.

    Wanda works hard, is dedicated, and a great person to workout with because her motivation is encouraging to everyone around her.

    “I highly recommend YPB to everyone in the community to join us on becoming stronger, healthier, and feeling the best you can.”

    Hear Wanda’s full testimonial here -​ http://bit.ly/2PlPwsJ​ 

    This CAN be a life-changing experience for you or someone you know.  If you’re over 50 years old, let Wanda’s story motivate you to get moving again and to consider aging actively.

    We’re NEVER too young or old to start an exercise program. If anyone is on the fence about joining our community, reply to this email and take us up on a FREE Functional Fitness analysis this NEXT week in honor of Wanda’s success, and you will see why our clients love us so much!

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