Meet the Trainers

Lisa Wright

Owner/Director of Operations Board Chair, L.G.W. Fitness, Inc. ISSA – Certified Fitness Trainer; AHA – CPR

Specializing In: Sports Nutrition Low Back conditions Fitness and Pregnancy Physiology and Exercise Fitness and Fibromyalgia Shoulder Complex: New Advances Fitness and the Aging Spine


Lisa ran and taught aerobics classes in 1997-98, but struggled with “Skinny Fat”. She discovered resistance training and more importantly, Right Nutrition in late 1998 which led her into the sport of Natural Body Building. She won awards in three shows and had the privilege of judging shows over the next 2 – 3 years. Lisa continues to run, cycle, lift weights 2-3 times a week and train as a triathlete to maintain a “toned” and functionally strong body at 51 years old. She founded Your Personal Best Training Studio in 1999, is a mother of two daughters and is helping others to achieve their personal best!


Lisa’s Strengths:

  • Can create alternative ways to proceed. Quick to spot relevant patterns and issues.
  • Go with the flow. “Now” person who can take things as they come, discovering the future one day at a time.
  • Likes to figure out the best way to get things done.
  • Has faith in the link between all things, i.e. body-mind-spirit
  • Enjoys the thrill of turning strangers into friends.
  • Focuses on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence.


Marica Keener

Elite Fitness Professional Your Personal Best Training Studio ABBA Human Resources ACSM-Certifed Personal Trainer CertifiedWellness Coach: Wellcoaches AHA-CPR

Specializing In: Wellness Coaching Marcia says, her life long struggle has always been her weight although when she came to Your Personal Best she was at her heaviest ever. She believes totally in everyone’s ability to make small changes leading to greater changes. She has a passion for working with people to assist them in becoming healthy and enjoying a better quality of life. That is what YPB has done for her. Over the last year and a half, she is not sure what would have happened to her physically without YPB in her life. It is important to her to teach the gift of health to others.



Marcia’s Strengths:

  • Has faith in the link between all things, i.e. body-mind-spirit.
  • Is energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence.
  • Enjoys the thrill of turning strangers into friends.
  • Likes to figure out the best way to get things done.
  • Takes responsibility for anything that she commits to, whether large or small, feels emotionally bound to follow it through to completion.


 Juan Guerrero

JAY_2438-1TAMUCC Intern Your Personal Best Training Studio Working on a Bachelors in Exercise Science 

Interests Are: Sports Health and Fitness Nutrition How exercise can save lives Finding ways to motivate people Strength and agility exercises Dieting Neuromuscular training Fighting Obesity Juan says, even though most people do not like to exercise, just by doing a simple walk 30 mins a day can have positive changes in your life. People like to make all sorts of excuses for why not to workout but walking for 15 min around the block and 15 min back won’t kill or hurt anyone. Juan says he exercises because it helps him relieve stress and he actually enjoys working out. Being a college student and having a job really puts a lot of stress on him and instead of going out drinking or taking his anger out on someone he would much rather exercise and just get away from all the distractions around from time to time.



Juan’s Strengths:

  • An instinctively accepting person, respectful of individual differences.
  • Loves to solve problems and bring people back to a healthier and more fit lifestyle.
  • Can sort through the “clutter” of a solution and find the best route.
  • Dependable and easy to trust.
  • Can work long hours, without burning out, understanding what it takes to achieve “Your Personal Best.”
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